Black History Month Celebrations

Black History Month Celebrations

SaskMusic plans a month of visibility

by SaskMusic

February 17, 2022 in SaskMusic News

Recognizing Black History Month in Saskatchewan Music

The arts in Saskatchewan have always thrived with the help of members of our community. These members span a wide range of cultures, traditions, and identities. This February, we at SaskMusic would like to take the time to recognize and celebrate the contributions Black musicians have had on the music industry in Saskatchewan.

Throughout this month, we will be hearing the perspectives of artists on and off the stage about their experiences living and making music in the province. Our regularly featured videos and singles will showcase local Black musicians in our community. We will also be compiling all of these songs and more on our Black History Month playlists.

Black History Month is recognized in Canada as a time to learn more about the important contributions that Black Canadians and their communities have made to the history and continued growth of this country. Join us as we celebrate some of the current achievements of Black artists and industry members within our province.

Latest update: Our Black History Month Celebration Concert will premiere on Saturday March 19 at 8pm, with musical guests Nini Jegz, Zochi, and Pacifique with spoken word pieces by Nyasha Marian. This event was filmed live in Regina on February 26/22. You can tune in via YouTube:


Playlist: Celebrating Black History Month in Saskatchewan 

Making Art In Saskatchewan: an interview series featuring artists, who will be discussing living and making music in the province. Watch for posts on our socials and linked here as we unroll new features.

Artist Features will introduce singles and videos along with information about the artists who created them. Watch for posts on our socials and linked here as we unroll new artists. 

Behind-the-Scenes Talent: an interview series featuring music industry professionals from different segments of the industry talking about their role/how they got started in music. Watch for posts on our socials and linked here as they unroll.

We thank artists Rooky and Adeoluwa for their direction of this project.
This project will be coordinated primarily by our current Research and Outreach Assistants, Rooky Jegede and Casey Ling. For more information, contact

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The BCACPA featured performances by ten local performers, musicians and presenters from the province during an event hosted February 26. You can find them online under their YouTube channel as they are made available:

"Our organization, The Black Canadians, Africans and Caribbean Professionals Association Inc. (BCACPA), is a community non-profit membership association. We strive to address the deeper issues that individuals face, particularly newcomers from the Black community, youth and professionals who identify with the Black diaspora, African countries, multi-generational African Canadians and the Caribbean (all ages). As a volunteer committee, we are reducing barriers through the opportunities and information presented in our programming. Our vision is to be the epicentre of development for world-class Black professionals. Our mission is create a space that celebrates, recognizes and motivates Black professionals to excel academically and professionally while transforming their communities. Our values are to inspire the next generation of Black people in the community, especially the children and youth. Equipping Black people in our community to be professionally prepared for the workforce in North America. Check out our site at"