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Damned If I Do

Jackie Guy

We'll Live Forever

Too Soon Monsoon


By: Ponteix

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  • Ponteix

    Striving for More, Chasing The Sun by Brennan Risling for The Session February 1, 2017


    First impressions can never be undone. It is a unique moment in time forced into a flashed existence only to dissipate as quickly as it appeared, the creation of a new, personal universe conceived and conquered in a booming twinkling. The...

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  • Andino Suns

    Revolutionary Sounds by Michael Dawson February 1, 2017

    Andino Suns

    The story of Andino Suns begins with family. As their story continues to grow, so does their family. Born and raised in Saskatchewan, the band formed by drawing inspiration from the music they grew up hearing in their homes. Their parents...

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    REGINA AND SASKATOON SK by By Brittney MacFarlane for The Session February 1, 2017

    Girls Rock Camp (GRC) is a week-long youth program where campers learn an instrument, form a band, and write a song to be performed at a showcase at the end of the week. In addition to technical instruction, campers take part in a number of music...

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