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By: Despite The Reverence

Listen With Your Heart

By: Amanda Hagel

Darling of the Desert (Chapter 9)

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  • Poor Nameless Boy

    Brave New World by Craig Silliphant August 15, 2016

    Poor Nameless Boy

    Poor Nameless Boy brings to mind the archetypal troubadour that wanders the Earth, telling stories and playing music.

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  • Kacy & Clayton

    More Than Retro by Christopher L. Istace March 1, 2016

    Kacy & Clayton

    Kacy and Clayton hold fast to traditional folk tones while establishing an original sound that is being noticed internationally

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  • Sawchyn Guitars

    by Brittney MacFarlane August 15, 2016

    Sawchyn Guitars

    44 years ago, Peter Sawchyn started building instruments out of a purpose-built shop housed in a two-storey garage in his backyard. His focus back then was on custom-built guitars and mandolins, as well as offering repairs for individual...

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