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No Rest

By: The Snake Oil Salesmen

Bring It Back

By: JawnRaw

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  • The Dead South

    Grit and Glory by Michael Dawson for The Session July 27, 2017

    The Dead South

    The Dead South is perhaps one of the most recognizable bands in the country. This could be in part due to their strict policy on stage attire, their coarse melodic vocals over gritty bluegrass, their tendency to crack open cold cans of beer in...

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  • Ponteix

    Striving for More, Chasing The Sun by Brennan Risling for The Session February 1, 2017


    First impressions can never be undone. It is a unique moment in time forced into a flashed existence only to dissipate as quickly as it appeared, the creation of a new, personal universe conceived and conquered in a booming twinkling. The...

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  • Timeless Instruments

    Tugaske SK by Brittney MacFarlane for the Session July 27, 2017

    Timeless Instruments

    The one. Many people spend their whole lives searching for just that. Some think of ‘the one’ as a life partner or soulmate, but for many musicians, the one comes in the form of an instrument. When thinking of it that way, you...

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