Best Sask Albums

Best Saskatchewan Albums

The Best Saskatchewan Albums of 2018

For Immediate Release November 26, 2018

Voting Open: Long List Announced!

It’s been another great year for Saskatchewan music. Our artists are creating amazing recordings, pursuing international markets, creating innovative new sounds, and winning over fans around the globe. Now we want to know YOUR thoughts on the standout recordings of 2018! Which Saskatchewan albums resonated with you?

We present the 2018 Long List for your consideration. Curated by an industry and peer jury from a list of over 150 qualifying albums* released this year, it’s now up to the public to select the 'best of the best.'

Only one vote per IP will be accepted for the duration of the polling period. Voting is open now and closes at midnight, Thursday, December 13, 2018 (extended). The Top 10 Saskatchewan Albums of 2018 will be rolled out the following week.

This project is to promote and celebrate Saskatchewan music. We seek to raise more awareness of our local homegrown music and celebrate our artists’ many successes over the past year.

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Note: You can try voting more than once per IP.  And it may look like it's working. But only your first vote from your IP will actually be recorded on our end. :)


Abscission - Palimpsest (Metal)
Alex Bent + the Emptiness - Vanilla Blue
Altars of Grief - Iris (Metal)
Anna Haverstock - Coasting In Dreams (Indie Rock)
Autopilot - Afterglow (Indie Rock)
Bears In Hazenmore - Atlas (Rock/Pop)
Belle Plaine - Malice, Mercy, Grief and Wrath (Roots/Country)
Black Hell Oil - Choke on This (Sludge Rock)
Blue Youth - Dead Forever (Noise Rock/Punk)
Brian Baggett - Bookmarks (Instrumental/Jazz)
Colter Wall - Songs of The Plains (Roots)
Conrad Bigknife - A Tribute to Country Legends (Country)
Dagan Harding Band - I Learned How (Indie Rock)
Dayda Banks - Vagabonds (Hip Hop)
Dayda Banks & Filth the Enabler - Emulator (Hip Hop)
Del Suelo - The Musician's Compass: A 12 Step Programme (Folk/Rock)
Eli Barsi & Doris Daley - Once Upon the West (Country)
Etienne Fletcher: Side A / Face A (Indie Rock/Pop)
Factor Chandelier - Wisdom Teeth (Hip Hop)
Hell Hounds - Paint the World (Metal)
Hook & Nail - Ghosts of Taylorton (Folk)
HYV - Times Are Tough (Pop)
Into Eternity - The Sirens (Metal)
Jack Semple - Can't Stop This Love (Blues)
Jay Semko - Never Sent (Indie Rock/Folk)
Jesse Brown - Sadness (Instrumental/Jazz)
Joey Stylez - The Star Chief (Hip Hop)
LOA - Tide EP (Electronic Pop)
LTP - Zenith (Electronic Dance)
Marie-Véronique Bourque - une porte s'ouvre (Instrumental/Jazz/Francophone)
Nick Faye & The Deputies - Stumbling Distance (Indie Rock)
Pimpton - The Pimpton LP (Hip Hop)
Rosie & The Riveters - Ms. Behave (Jazz Folk)
The Sheepdogs - Changing Colours (Rock)
Shooting Guns - Another WolfCop OST (Metal/Instrumental)
Sleepwreck - Hypersigil Megaprayer (Electronic Hip Hop)
Snake River - Tread on to the Unknown You (Indie Rock)
Toria Summerfield - Planet X (Soft Pop/Electronic)
Untimely Demise - No Promise of Tomorrow (Metal)
West of Mabou - The Bridge (Celtic Folk)
The Wolfe - Strange Words (Indie Rock/Pop)
Yellowsky - Mixed Medicine (Hip Hop/Dancehall)





The Best Saskatchewan Album of the Year project is in its fourth annual iteration. It will become an associated category of the Saskatchewan Music Awards in 2018. This category is based on an album, as a whole, released during the eligible time period. SaskMusic researches and collects eligible album releases for this time period to the best of our ability, however, artists/labels are encouraged to submit to ensure that no eligible releases are overlooked.

1) Initial qualifying round. A list of eligible releases was compiled by staff as well as through the Saskatchewan Music Awards submission process.

*Album Criteria. To be considered for Best Of, the album

  • Was first released to the public between November 1, 2017 and November 1, 2018. The primary verification we will use will be its date of release in iTunes. If not on iTunes, we'll accept other forms of verification of both "release date" and "commercial release" at our discretion (ie manufacturer's shipping date). 
  • Is at least 30 minutes or at least 5 tracks in length.
  • Was released by an artist residing in Sask. (physically living in Saskatchewan at the time of the album's release date regardless of where artist is living at the time this list is underway). If needed, we would verify residency by province of your 2018 tax filing.
  • Albums that made a Best Saskatchewan Albums Top Ten previously will not be in consideration this year, even if reissued. Otherwise, official reissues/compilations of previous material (where released as a new package) will be considered.

All genres of music are included in consideration. Artists do not need to be members of SaskMusic to participate. There is no "entry fee."

2) A jury of industry professionals and peers will listen to the qualifying albums to help us determine the longlist of approximately 40 albums. The longlist will be announced at the Saskatchewan Music Awards, November 25.

3) The longlist will be open for general public voting, exclusively online, from November 26-December 10. These votes alone will determine the Top 10. Only one vote per IP address will be recorded.

4) The Top 10, aka shortlist will be announced between the dates of December 17-19 (subject to change). Please note, ties would result in more than 10 albums appearing on the shortlist.

This project is for the promotion and celebration of Saskatchewan music. We apologize for any oversights, errors or omissions.