Making Art in Saskatchewan: Rooky

Making Art in Saskatchewan: Rooky

by Casey Ling

February 20, 2022 in Artist Profile

A man of many talents, Rooky has been a spearhead in producing R&B, afro-beat, and hip-hop music in the Regina area. His skills in photography and poetry have also been an influence in his work as seen in his lyricism and high production cover art. Beginning his career at the start of the pandemic in 2020, Rooky has been a close collaborator with many other Regina musicians, one of the first being Prince Caleb Banks, also known as PCB, at Blue Door Studios.

While Rooky does produce his music in his own residence, which he names Chill Life Studios, inspiration can come from anywhere for him. He notes how his creative process comes and goes throughout his daily life. 

"I'm the kind of artist that's inspired by anything. It could be in the house, when I'm watching a movie, on the bus, or I could be at school. Whatever I'm doing, I can get inspired and write to tell whatever story or message I want to pass on through my music, so it kind of varies."

Rooky emphasizes how everyone has different experiences. His identity as a Black artist serves as a medium to tell his own perspective some may not be able to see. 

"As a Black artist, it has affected my music in the way that I can tell my stories and experiences, backed up by my culture."

With regards to diversity, Saskatchewan is exponentially growing. In terms of cultures, genres, and demographics, Saskatchewan has seen broadening horizons like never before. With that being said, Rooky notes how there is still points where upcoming artists are still struggling.

"The scene is still growing for the people who delve in Black artistry. There is still a bubbling on the ground for our music and I feel like as it is growing there is more opportunities for Black artists to showcase themselves. So I feel like the hardest thing right now is finding those opportunities or those venues or events who first of all will include more Black artists into things happening in Saskatchewan."

Rooky believes that his uniqueness as a Black artist is one of the best things for him in the province. It allows him to share an angle on his life very few have. He believes that this angle is one thing that venues and event organizers can capitalize on to create greater inclusion in the music scene here. 

"I feel like if there is more opportunities for us to tell our stories, share our experiences, or share our culture and traditions, it will give a little bit more spice to whatever projects or shows there are to showcase our talents."

Rooky is now planning on releasing his sophomore EP "Satori" in March and plans to release his new single "Inna Eyes" on February 24th. Check out & Pre-save Rooky's new EP, as Rooky States: “In this streaming era, it would take an artist almost half a million streams per song to be able to make an affordable living, due to the death of CDs , Digital assets are the new best ways to support your favourite artist! You can support my Music by Purchasing mine “. Click the link to check out the exclusive presale package available:

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