Making Art in Saskatchewan: Zochi

Making Art in Saskatchewan: Zochi

by Casey Ling

February 10, 2022 in Artist Profile

Zochi has been highly praised for being a genre chameleon in her music. She has worked with gospel, lo-fi, hip hop and more. Working with other Regina music moguls such as Prince Caleb Banks at Blue Door Recording StudiosZochi now has a discography that spans three years with more coming soon. 

When it comes to the creative process, Zochi considers four points to be critical: thanks, love, honesty, and praise. With many of her melodies made in her bedroom, Zochi always puts her heart first in her 'spur of the moment' creativity.

"I love listening to instrumentals and coming up with melodies, so there's no telling what the next song will be. And I always like to have my heart positioned in a place of thanks, love, honesty, and praise. So my music will always embody those four things."

Zochi's aspirations to be a successful musician have always been solidified due to her identity and other role models growing up. Other Black musicians have solidified her belief that the colour of one's skin is not a determining factor of their success.

"Growing up as a kid, as an artist who does music, I was literally watching Black superstars on the TV screen, talking about Whitney Houston, Lionel Richie just to name a few. So for me, my dreams to be a successful musician have always been affirmed."

With that being said, there are still barriers to be overcome in Saskatchewan. Zochi emphasizes that one of the most difficult things about being a Black artist is not dismissal due to one's race, but the lack of representation.

"When I'm at the Queen City Ex watching Tyler Shaw perform and he's a great singer... I'm in awe and I'm thinking in my head 'wow, I wish I could see a Black artist perform at a crowd like this'."

"I believe that there is an empty room in Saskatchewan waiting to be filled up by the success of Black artists."

But it is the very absence of Black artists in the community that makes Zochi believe that there is great potential in the province. The collaboration between multiple artists to come out at once is what Zochi believes will create the greatest impact.

"The fact that we have the potential to be seen and to be mind-blowing to our consumers... is a great foundation to start. The fact that right now we are not really exposed, we have the potential to blow the minds of the community locally, once we put ourselves out there more."

Zochi plans on releasing more music videos and singles throughout the year.

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