Funding Options

Your quick reference to funding options available to Saskatchewan artists. Please note that all programs and criteria are subject to change or cancellation by the funder. For specific program details and application forms, please visit each funder’s website.

Creative Sask


The Creative Saskatchewan Investment Fund grant programs are generally available to creative industry projects and endeavors that encompass music, sound recording, screen-based media, television, interactive digital media, visual arts, crafts, publishing, and live performing arts. For more information on guidelines and applications, contact Creative Saskatchewan, (306) 798-9800 or visit

Watch an information session from Creative Sask and SaskMusic about the music sector grants, presented in June 2022:

Grants of specific interest to recording and performing artists are:

Sound Recording Grant: Supports the recording, mixing, mastering, artwork design, and manufacturing of a sound recording on any format. This includes Demo, Single, EP and Full-Length recordings.
Current Deadline: December 14, 2022 at 4pm 

- Tour Support Grant: Supports tour following the release of a new product. A minimum of six live performances must be confirmed at the time of application with no more than 5 days between each performance for the paying public.

Upcoming Deadlines:

Market and Export Development: Provides financial support to individuals and businesses from music, live performing arts, craft & visual art, and publishing businesses for market access and export development initiatives. All proposed projects must have a primary commercial intent. Examples of activities for funding consideration may include but are not limited to: making a music video, hiring a publicist, hiring marketing, advertising & promotion experts, travel costs to exhibitions, trade shows and fairs where your product will be sold, and promotional media including trailers and promotional merchandise intended to improve market visibility.

Deadline: January 11, 2023

Business Capacity Grant: provides financial assistance to Saskatchewan-based businesses in the creative sector that are currently operating and ready to increase their business capacity. For example, this grant can help cover the costs of an entrepreneurial skills course, the expenses for attending a conference that will help a business to build a stronger professional network, and other opportunities that would help a business to expand.

Deadlines: January 11, 2023

Research Grant: provides financial assistance that can support an artist's effort to better understand, interpret, and capitalize on market forces affecting the creative sector, such as market research, emerging technologies research, and competitive research. Note: this grant does not support academic research.

Deadline: January 11, 2023, at 4pm

For more information, visit the Creative Saskatchewan website at



For info/applications contact 1-800-557-6226 or

SOCAN Foundation provides grants for Canadian music creators and publishers working to promote appreciation for Canadian music in today’s society. Their grants support the spread of Canadian music both within Canada and abroad. Grant applications are screened by the SOCAN Foundation Manager, then submitted to special committees from the board of directors for review. Those committees make recommendations to the full board of directors, which offers final approval at quarterly board meetings generally held in March, June, September and November. Decisions by the board of directors are final.

Grants are provided to organizations or individuals for activities benefiting Canadian music creators. Their programs are divided into two streams GRANTS FOR CREATORS, MUSIC PUBLISHERS AND INDIVIDUALS and; GRANTS FOR ORGANIZATIONS


Travel Assistance - Rolling Deadline

Grants are provided to SOCAN composers, writers, and music publishers across all genres of music to assist with travel-related costs for career-building or career-defining activities in Canada or abroad.

Professional Development Assistance - Rolling Deadline

Grants are provided to SOCAN composers, writers and music publishers across all genres of music, for upgrading their skills and knowledge or acquiring new skills and knowledge to advance their careers.

Work Commissioning Assistance Grant - Next deadline: September 15, 2022

Grants are provided to assist individuals, corporations, performers, ensembles, and presenters in the commissioning of SOCAN members to create new works in all genres of music. The overall intent of this program is to reach beyond local, regional, provincial, and federal arts council funding bodies, and encourage other members of our society (individuals, organizations or companies) to commission new musical works.

Foundation Career Development Grant

The Fund is a one-time special program to help SOCAN members develop skills by accessing conferences, workshops, masterclasses, or other self-directed learning opportunities such as mentorship, research, and personal reflection. Ongoing Deadline.


Canadian Music Assistance - Next deadline: September 15, 2022.

The Canadian Music Assistance Program will continue to receive applications that provide details that address the reality of delivering their application’s activity under the COVID-19 crisis.

This program nurtures an environment supportive of Canadian music creators, Canadian music publishers and audiences. This program can include:

Generally, this program only funds a small portion of the applicant’s budget.

Minimum grant level is $1,000. Historically, the average Canadian Music Assistance grant is $1,500.

Applicants with a long track record of successful applications to the SOCAN Foundation’s Canadian Music Assistance program may be invited to enter into a Sponsorship Agreement with the SOCAN Foundation. Historically, the average Sponsorship amount is $6,000.

Applicants may submit no more than one (1) application to this program per calendar year.

Work Commissioning Assistance Grant - Next deadline: September 15, 2022

Grants are provided to assist individuals, corporations, performers, ensembles, and presenters in the commissioning of SOCAN members to create new works in all genres of music. The overall intent of this program is to reach beyond local, regional, provincial, and federal arts council funding bodies, and encourage other members of our society (individuals, organizations or companies) to commission new musical works.

Annual Operations Assistance

Grants are provided annually to not-for-profit member service organizations representing Canadian music creators and music publishers to support operating activities. Ongoing Deadline.



For info and applications, visit; contact 1-800-263-5588 or 613-566-4414 ext 5060. Deadlines noted are annual dates.

Canada Council grants are now organized into six programs: Explore & Create, Engage & Sustain, Creating, Knowing & Sharing, Supporting Artistic Practice, Arts Across Canada and Arts Abroad. The following breakdown shows the music specific grants

Explore & Create

‘Explore & Create’ funds Canadian artists, artistic groups and organizations committed to the creation and dissemination of innovative, vibrant and diverse art. This program advances Canadian artistic practices by encouraging artists to investigate creative processes and take risks that lead to the development of unique works destined to connect with the public. Explore and Create supports the research, development, creation and production of work, as well as professional development for artists.

1 – Professional Development for Artists DEADLINES: Any time before the start date of the project. November 5, 2022. December 8, 2022. January 1, 2023.

The Professional Development for Artists component of Explore and Create supports the career growth of Canadian artists and artistic groups by encouraging participation in a wide range of development opportunities. Grants fund activities that contribute to the professional advancement of Canadian artists working in all artistic disciplines. It covers things such as mentorships, internships, apprenticeships, specialized training, workshops etc.

2 – Research and Creation – DEADLINE: Any time before the start date of the project

The Research and Creation component of Explore and Create supports the initial stages of the creative process. Canadian artists, artistic groups and arts organizations can apply to develop and make creative works. Grants provide support for creative research, creation and project development.

3 – The Concept to Realization – DEADLINE: Any time before the start date of the project. October 5, 2022. 

The Concept to Realization component of Explore and Create supports the full creative cycle – from the initial idea through to presentation. Canadian artists, artistic groups and arts organizations can apply to create projects intended for presentation. Grants provide support for artistic research, creation, project development, production and presentation.

4 – Artist Driven Organizations - DEADLINE: January 17, 2024.

The Artist-Driven Organizations component of Explore and Create supports the development of artistic activities, from research, creation, and production through to dissemination, by Canadian arts organizations that are driven by the vision of artistic leaders. Grants fund the activities of organizations mandated to support the creative process of artists, stimulating the emergence of new artistic voices and offering a range of artistic experiences to the public.

Engage and Sustain

Engage and Sustain fosters a vibrant foundation for the arts in Canada by supporting arts organizations at the heart of Canada's creative communities. This program funds organizations that are dedicated to developing excellence in arts practice, advancing the arts through programming, and exposing a diverse public to a range of artists and creative works.

1 - Artistic Catalysts - DEADLINE: January 15, 2025

Funds Canadian arts organizations that play a pivotal role in nurturing artistic practices and respond to the evolution of creative communities across Canada. Grants support the activities of organizations that facilitate interactions among artists and connections with the public.


The Artistic Institutions component of Engage and Sustain funds major Canadian arts organizations rooted in their communities and dedicated to supporting artists and a variety of arts practices. Grants support institutions as artistic leaders to carry out activities that encourage and promote the work of creators, strengthening their relationships with the public.

Creating, Knowing & Sharing: The Arts and Cultures of First Nations, Inuit and Métis Peoples

This program supports Indigenous individuals, groups, Indigenous-led arts organizations and arts/cultural sector development organizations that foster a vital and resilient Indigenous arts ecosystem.  First Nations, Inuit and Métis individuals, groups and organizations may apply to Creating, Knowing and Sharing (or to the other 5 Canada Council programs) for funding for artistic and cultural activities. This program functions using a self-determined, Indigenous-centred approach. This means that it will be guided by Indigenous values and worldviews, administered by staff of First Nations, Inuit and Métis heritage, and assessed by First Nations, Inuit and Métis individuals.

1 – Travel - DEADLINE - Any time before your departure date

The Travel component of Creating, Knowing and Sharing funds First Nations, Inuit and Métis artists, arts/cultural professionals (including artists’ representatives), cultural carriers, artistic groups, collectives and organizations working in all disciplines. Grants support travel costs to attend significant events within Canada or abroad that advance your professional development, enable you or the artists you represent to access new markets or build national and international presence.

2 – Small Scale Activities - DEADLINE - Any time before the start date of your project

The Small-Scale Activities component of Creating, Knowing and Sharing funds activities that will advance your artistic career or practice. This may include acquiring materials for artistic production, engaging in career or artistic development activities or benefitting from specific expertise, advice or training from a professional artist or cultural carrier.

3 – Short Term Projects - DEADLINES - August 21, 2022. December 7, 2022. March 5, 2023

The Short-Term Projects component of Creating, Knowing and Sharing funds First Nations, Inuit and Métis professional and aspiring artists, cultural carriers, arts/cultural professionals, groups, collectives and organizations working in all disciplines. You can apply for any combination of eligible Creating, Knowing and Sharing activities lasting up to 1 year

4 – Long Term Projects (Currently Closed)

The Long-Term Projects component of Creating, Knowing and Sharing funds First Nations, Inuit and Métis professional artists, arts/cultural professionals, groups, collectives and organizations working in all disciplines. Grants provide support for any combination of eligible Creating, Knowing and Sharing activities for projects lasting between 1 and 3 years.

Arts Across Canada

Arts Across Canada fosters meaningful relationships and exchanges between artists and the Canadian public. Artists, arts professionals, groups and arts organizations can apply to present and share artistic work with diverse communities across the country, engage more deeply with the public and develop a stronger national profile. Festivals and other presenters can apply to highlight the work of Canadian and international artists, and contribute to the growing dialogue and exchange on the arts in Canada.

1 – Travel - DEADLINE – Any time before your departure date.

The Travel component of Arts Across Canada funds activities linked to Canadian presentation, exhibition, artistic collaboration, networking and building market opportunities for Canadian artists, arts professionals, artistic groups and arts organizations. Grants provide support to participate in significant events, build a national presence and for festivals and presenters to conduct research for Canadian artistic programming. Travel must be within Canada, at least 300 kilometres from your place of departure, and by invitation. You can apply for single or several destinations within 1 trip.

2 - Circulation and Touring - Current Grant Status: ON HIATUS DUE TO COVID-19.

The Circulation and Touring component of Arts Across Canada funds touring and exhibition activities of Canadian artists, artistic groups and arts organizations. Grants support the presentation and exhibition of performances and works by Canadian artists which build national exposure and reach Canadian audiences.

3 - Arts Festivals and Presenters - Consult Deadlines and Notification of Results page here.

Grants support festivals and presenters to showcase important artistic work, strengthen artistic practice, and build bridges between artists and audiences. You can apply for a contribution towards activities that: bring artistic programming to Canadian audiences through presentation or exhibition of Canadian work (as well as international work, if applicable) within a biennale, festival or a series of at least 3 events
support artists and strengthen artistic practice build relationships between artists and the Canadian public.

Arts Abroad

Arts Abroad celebrates the creativity, innovation and excellence of Canadian artists by helping to bring Canadian works to the world. This program supports artists, arts professionals, groups and organizations to enhance international exposure, undertake artistic exploration or exchanges with international colleagues, and nurture new and existing art markets in a global context.

1 – Travel – Current Grant Status: Current Grant Status: ON HIATUS DUE TO COVID-19.

The Travel component of Arts Abroad funds travel linked to international presentation, exhibition, artistic collaboration, networking and new market opportunities for Canadian artists and arts professionals, artistic groups and arts organizations. Grants provide support to attend significant events outside of Canada and build international presence.

2 – Circulation and Touring – DEADLINE – Any time before your departure date.

The Circulation and Touring component of Arts Abroad funds activities linked to artistic exchange and networking for Canadian artists, artistic groups and arts organizations. Grants help build international exposure and increase the visibility of Canadian artists and their works abroad.

3 – Residencies – Any time before the start date of your project

The Residencies component of Arts Abroad funds activities linked to international artistic and cultural exchanges for Canadian artists, arts professionals, artistic groups and arts organizations.  Grants support artistic growth, creative reflection and professional development within the context of an international residency. You must be invited or selected by an international organization to participate in a residency of at least 1 week to a maximum of 6 months. You can apply to:

If your application is for self-directed residencies, you must instead apply to the Explore and Create: Research and Creation component.



Next Deadline: August 25, 2022. An initiative of CAB in partnership with CIMA and CRIA. Supports a variety of marketing and promotional initiatives related to eligible Canadian recordings, including radio advertising. For eligibility see All applications must be filed online. Contact 1-888-256-2211 or It is strongly suggested you begin far in advance of the deadline; contact the Manager of Programs and Applications, Michelle Farres ( for assistance.

The Orion Program

The Orion program is a funding stream dedicated to supporting music creation by members of the Canadian music industry who are Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour.

The Radio Starmaker Fund distributes private funds that provide “substantial incremental investment where the artist has established a proven track record.” However, racism and other systemic barriers may prevent applicants from qualifying for the established Starmaker programs. The Orion program was established to distribute these funds in a manner that lowers the barrier to entry for eligible Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour who have not yet met Starmaker sales criteria.

Orion is a “stepping stone” program. It will fund a broad range of activities to support racialized artists as they continue to develop and increase the audience and industry reach needed to apply to other Starmaker programs.

Orion is also a ‘living program’ made to be able to adapt to and reflect the Board’s collective learning, community feedback and industry change.

The program is comprised of the following elements:



SaskMusic is the Saskatchewan representative for The Foundation Assisting Canadian Talent on Recordings; please call for more information, assistance, or if you would like to participate in the next round of juries. For more information and program applications please visit

FACTOR Jury Accreditation Process: All FACTOR jurors have to be accredited before participating on a jury. There is a simple form to be completed and you must also provide a brief bio relating to your jury experience. We ask all those interested in being a FACTOR juror in the future to complete the accreditation process now. It’s online at You just need to set up a profile on their website, or use the one that you have if you’ve recently applied to FACTOR programs. Once accredited, you’re good for three years.

Songwriter’s Workshop Program: Rolling Deadlines. Offers financial assistance for a professional songwriter to attend workshops & seminars. The maximum amount of funding available for the attendee is 75% of the Total Eligible Budget up to $750.

Juried Sound Recording Program: November 17, 2022 Deadline

Assists Canadian labels and artists by helping to finance the production costs of full-length sound recordings or music DVDs for commercial release. The JSR Program is split into two streams of funding: 1. FACTOR Loan: for projects that have a distribution agreement in place with a FACTOR-Recognized Distributor at the time of application. Please go to for a list of FACTOR Recognized Distributors. 2. Independent Loan: for projects that don’t have such distribution at the time of application. FACTOR Loan may provide up to 75% of the Total Eligible Budget to a maximum of $25,000, not to exceed $2,500 per track. Independent Loan: up to 75% of the Total Eligible Budget to a maximum of $15,000, not to exceed $1,500 per track.

Marketing & Promotion For Non-FACTOR Supported Sound Recordings: Rolling Deadlines. Helps to finance the costs of marketing and promotion for sound recordings not previously funded by FACTOR. The sound recording must have achieved a significant level of success through sales/radio airplay activity. It is intended to provide support to sound recordings by Canadian Artists whose career is demonstrably moving forward. MPN Program funding can be used to help pay for basic marketing, touring, showcasing and video production expenses. Applicants must apply no later than twelve months after the release of the sound recording. Funding under the MPN Program takes the form of a grant, which is non-repayable, and may be up to 50% of the Total Eligible Budget; to a maximum of $20,000. A maximum of 50% of MPN Program funding can be used for non-Canadian initiatives.

Songwriter Development: Rolling Deadline.

The Songwriter Development program offers a $2,000 subsidy toward a year of songwriting initiatives, such as domestic and international travel for co-writing sessions and trips, songwriting camps and workshops, and eligible showcases.

Sponsorship: Rolling Deadline.

The Sponsorship program allows FACTOR to support worthy music-related projects and events that are looking for a smaller amount of support, or that do not quite fit other program mandates.

Video Program: Rolling Deadlines. Helps finance original music videos that support qualifying sound recordings by Canadian Artists. Those sound recordings must meet FACTOR’s distribution criteria. An intermediate Level Video Grant (Artists rated 2 or 3) can be used to help pay for lower-budget music videos and may provide a grant of up to 75% of the Total Eligible Budget to a project max of $5000. An Advance Level Video Grant (Artists rated 3) may provide a grant of up to 75% of the Total Eligible Budget to a project max of $20,000.

Artist Development Program: Deadlines: July 14, 2022. September 8, 2022. February 2, 2023

The Artist Development Program offers a $2,000 subsidy toward one year of artist development activities including sound recording, touring & showcasing, video production, marketing and promotion. These activities must be detailed in an Artist Development Plan, which will be submitted to FACTOR as a required element of the application.

Live Performance Program: Rolling Deadlines. Provides funding that subsidizes the touring and showcasing costs of Canadian Artists, both in Canada and abroad. The program is comprised of a Tour Support Component and a Showcase Component. For both Components, the amount of the subsidy is calculated for each tour date or showcase date based on the number of artist members, hired musicians and crew, and on the location and size of the venue; the subsidy cannot exceed 75% of the final eligible budget. All eligible Canadian Artists can apply for Showcase, but only Artists rated 2 or 3 can apply for Tour.

Support for Eligible Music Companies: Deadline: Round 2 – October 20, 2022. The Support for Eligible Music Companies Program provides funding for business development initiatives that support the marketing and promotion of the company and its services, as well as domestic and international travel to support the company's development objectives.

Business Travel: Rolling Deadlines. Developed to help eligible music companies cover the costs of participating in domestic and international music industry conferences, trade fairs and business trips. FACTOR will fund up to 50% of the company’s budget for the trips to a maximum of $20,000 per applicant per year. Must be rated 2 or higher to apply.

Collective Initiatives Support: Rolling Deadlines. Supports projects that increase the national and international profile and commercial potential of multiple Canadian Artists and Music Entrepreneurs. The program includes four Components, each encompassing a range of eligible projects and activities including Industry Events, Showcase Production for Artists from Official Language Minority Communities, Showcase Production for Export Ready Artists, and Digital Marketing. FACTOR may contribute up to 50% or 75% of the eligible budget depending on the component, to a maximum of $200,000 for Industry events; $100,00 for Showcase Production of Artists from Official Language Minority Communities; $40,000 for Showcase Production for Export-Ready Artists; and $50,000 for Digital Marketing.

Comprehensive Artist Program: Rolling Deadlines. FACTOR’s highest-level sound recording program that is accessible to both eligible Artists and record labels. This program funds a portion of the cost of production or acquisition of an original full length sound recording, and contributes to the marketing and promotion of that sound recording under the Marketing, Tour Support, Showcase and Video Components. Funding under the Comprehensive Artist Program is a contribution to the Total Eligible Budget to a maximum of $125,000 per Project over two years. Artist must be rated 3 to apply.

Support for Live Music Events - FACTOR Canada: Rolling Deadlines.

The purpose of this program is to stimulate the employment of Canadian artists and cultural workers, including technicians and other service providers and supporting workers, by providing financial support for live music events that use Canadian artists. These can be in-person presentations (adhering to local guidelines, with the understanding that these are in flux) and/or digital. It's intended to take away some of the risk factor of presenting events and get live event workers back to work.

Applicants can be for example: artists (for local or virtual tours), managers, booking agents, concert promoters, venues that have a capacity under 2500, festivals.
Ineligible: Radio/TV broadcasters; venues associated with a city/municipality or educational institution; not-for-profit festivals/presenters and others that are already supported by BCAH, CAPF and CCA. Some exceptions apply.

Priority will be given to equity-seeking populations and Indigenous-led organizations as well as applicants that do not traditionally receive Canada Music Fund funding but were eligible for the 2020 Emergency Support Fund.

While this is a rolling deadline, we encourage those interested to get your applications in ASAP as funding is expected to be exhausted at some point. Additionally, the sooner you apply, the sooner you would receive notice on whether you are successful or not, with summer/fall programming in mind. The lead applicant can only apply once to this program so you'll want to plan out your full roster of shows in the one application.

Learn more at . If you'd like support/bounce ideas off for your application please let us know,


SK Arts

For further info and applications, visit; contact 306-787-4056 (Regina) or 1-800-667-7526 (toll free in Saskatchewan). The following deadlines without a year listed are annual, and are moved to the next working day if they fall on a weekend or stat holiday.

The Access Copyright Foundation Grants:  Professional Development Grants Deadline (Currently Closed): April 1, 2021. The Foundation provides grants to publishers, individual creators and publishing, writing and visual arts organizations through the following program components: Research Grants, Professional Development Grants and Events Grants.

Artists in Communities:

2022 Deadlines -

Development: September 10, December 10

Projects: November 1 and March 1 (2023)

Residencies: March 1 (2023)

Arts After Hours responds to a need for increased out-of-school, community-based arts programming for children and youth throughout the province that is not connected to K-12 curriculum outcomes. NOTE: Projects funded through Arts After Hours are now funded under Projects. 

Micro-Development allows organizations access to small amounts of money to: build relationships with potential artists, present “experimental” introductory projects and/or assess community needs, research, and/or develop plans for longer term projects or residencies. Deadline: The deadline for applications is the 1st day of each month. You can start an application on the 11th day of each month preceding the deadline. (e.g.: May 1st deadline, applications accepted as of April 11th.)

Projects allows eligible applicants to engage in the arts through performances, exhibitions or workshops led by a professional artist(s) or arts professional, and presented either as a series or as a single event and/or to work with an artist in the research and development of an artistic residency. Deadline: Currently closed.

Residencies supports community organizations to host a six- to 12-month artist-in-residence project with a professional artist, working in any art form, that involves significant community engagement components. Participating artists take up residence in a community contribute to its cultural life and the community's continual engagement in the arts. Deadline: Currently closed.

Independent Artists Grant Program: Deadline: October 1, 2022. Supports the creation, development or performance of new work in any art form; professional development for artists; and research in the arts. For Music, contact Lindsay Knight (306) 964-1165 (Saskatoon) or 1-800-667-7526 (Toll-Free)

The Indigenous/Metis Art & Artists: Deadline: October 15, 2022. This program is designed to increase participation in, and access to public funding by Indigenous artists in the province. It seeks to address these issues while also increasing public access to high-quality Indigenous art. There are two types of grants available: Independent Artists Projects: Support Indigenous artists to work independently on their own artistic/cultural practice, either in a traditional or contemporary art form, and Community Projects: Support Indigenous artists and Traditional Knowledge Keepers/Elders to share their art, skills and teachings with their communities through activities such as workshops, gatherings or mentorships.

Micro-Grant Program: Deadlines - first day of each month. The Micro-Grant Program provides support to professional artists and arts organizations to achieve outcomes that respond to emergent needs; create access for first-time and underserved applicants; contribute to professional practice and development; and advance the professional arts and artistic practices in Saskatchewan

Professional Arts Organization Program: 


Lite: January 15, 2021 (for programming year 2022); January 15, 2022
Core Support: January 15, 2022
Sector Development: January 15, 2022

The Professional Arts Organizations Program supports and strengthens professional arts organizations in the province that have a sustained impact on the arts in Saskatchewan. Grants contribute to the costs of an organization’s professional arts programs and services, and governance, management, administrative and operational functions. Funded organizations are supported through one of the two program components.

SaskFestivals Grant: Deadline: CURRENTLY CLOSED

Supports and encourages eligible Sask. festivals to celebrate community activity and spirit; encourage community engagement, tourism and economic activity; enhance the positive impact and benefits of festivals in the community and province; provide high quality experiences for audiences, artists, participants and volunteers throughout Sask.; and heighten the awareness and appreciation of the arts and artists in Sask.

The Saskatchewan Foundation for the Arts Artists Awards: CURRENTLY CLOSED. The Saskatchewan Foundation for the Arts Artists Awards Program provides financial assistance to Saskatchewan artists to create or develop new work or work in progress. Full application materials should be available each fall at

Equipment Purchase Fund

The one-time-only Equipment Purchase Fund will provide support for artists who wish to make a capital purchase, something that is generally ineligible in the current Independent Artists program. It is designed to help independent artists at all levels of proficiency purchase one piece of essential equipment that is essential for the continued growth in your artistic practice.

An artist can only apply one time for one single piece of equipment, with a maximum grant of $5,000 available.

Click here to download the program guidelines.


RBC Emerging Artists Project

This fund support programs that provide emerging artists with mentorship, apprenticeships and exposure to new and diverse audiences throughout their career. Need support for your program? Applications for RBC Emerging Artists Project grants are accepted year-round.


The Music Video Production Project

The MVP Project, with support from the RBC Foundation, was established to promote the intersection of emerging Canadian Recording Artists and Filmmakers through Music Video Production Grants valued between $5,000 and $15,000. The Music Video Production Project, a joint RBCxMusic & Prism Prize initiative, is committed to supporting emerging artists. The MVP Project is administered by the Academy of Canadian Cinema & Television. Rolling deadlines.