Terms and Privacy Statement

  1. Members of SaskMusic may request copies of our current Bylaws, containing information on our conduct, membership policies, board structure, meetings, etc.
  2. SaskMusic is committed to respecting and protecting your right to privacy, and complies with federal privacy laws.
  3. The contact information provided for your Contact Sign-Up is for SaskMusic’s administrative use only and will not be released to any other company or person without your permission, with the exception of #4. In addition to collecting the basic personal information we need to conduct business with you as our member, we may request additional information (such as date of birth) for statistical purposes. You may decline to provide this additional information.
  4. SaskMusic may provide your contact information to the Western Canadian Music Alliance, of which we are a participating member, to be used for conducting business regarding the Alliance and the Western Canadian Music Awards. SaskMusic members also receive membership in the Western Canadian Music Alliance.
  5. We shall keep the business you do with us in strict confidence.

Public Listings

Anyone who is currently residing in Saskatchewan, and who is working in the music industry in some capacity, is invited to submit FREE listings here.

If you're a musician, vocalist or songwriter - or do anything related to music or musicians - you should be included in the Directory.

Sorry, we do not accept any listings from out-of-province companies, with the exception of some music associations/government agencies and national media that our members are likely to access.

Please note: If you have previously had listings in the Saskatchewan Music Directory, please check all your listings to ensure your contact information and entries are up-to-date.

Permission to use your information/Privacy:

By submitting your listings into the Saskatchewan Music Directory ("Listings"), you are granting the following permissions, pertaining only to your Listings and their associated contact information:

Information submitted for the Directory will be made available to the general public. If you do not wish to have a particular item published (i.e. your home phone number), please do not submit it.

If you have any questions regarding this Statement, please contact our office, 306-347-0676 or info (at) saskmusic (dot) org.