Careers in Music

About The Program

Careers In Music is SaskMusic’s youth information program dedicated to encouraging passionate young people in Saskatchewan who are thinking about pursuing careers in the commercial music industry as artists and/or industry professionals. We are committed to educating the Saskatchewan youth on potential post secondary education options, internships, self-instruction, and volunteer opportunities that they can seek out to investigate a career in the Saskatchewan music industry.

The music industry is for everyone who is passionate about making music a part of their life! Whether you love making music, or helping others make music, there are jobs in the industry both on and off the stage!

There are many rewards that come with working in the cultural industries, including creative freedom, an exciting and constantly changing environment, opportunities to travel and meet new people, and often, the ability to determine your own work schedule.

We have compiled some great information to help you get started with your career in the music industry.

Invite Us To Your School!

We're available to visit your school, arts class or career fair to talk to students about the many different careers that make up "the music industry". It is our intention to inspire every student we speak to, and to assure them that if a career in music is what they are passionate about, we will assist them within our capacity to make that desire a reality!  

We are also available to talk to students about topics related to the music industry such as "how musicians make money," "marketing your music 101" and the basics of songwriting, for example.

If you have individual students who express an interest in music, they can contact us through their guidance counsellor, or have their parents contact us to set up a private consultation.

For more information, or to book a Careers In Music presentation for your school, please contact Brittney MacFarlane, Program & Education Coordinator, 1-800-347-0676 or