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We want to know what you've got going on! Even if we follow your socials, we (and other media folks) don't see or catch everything you post.

  1. Please add to your email news lists. And in turn, please make sure you're subscribed to our SaskMusic E-release so you get all our news, deadlines, etc. 
  2. Make an artist profile in our Directory and populate your profile (also applies to studios and music businesses!) Just login to your account here (or Join, for as little as "free"), then add songs, videos, news releases and descriptions. This content feeds into various areas of our website.
  3. We ask for info on your albums/singles so they can go into our permanent archive - accompanied by a high-res graphic, credits, etc. See submission forms below. 

Featured Videos, Singles, and EPs/Albums for our social media and e-release

Have you recently released or will soon be releasing an official single, music video, or album, in any genre? Please let us know your release date and/or other activities for potential promotions.

Fine print: You don't have to be a member of SaskMusic to submit for a feature, although we do prioritize members for spots. The selection of features is at the sole discretion of SaskMusic staff and will be based on the quantity and quality of submissions, and a rotating diversity of genres. Not all releases submitted will be featured. To promote as many different artists as possible, we try to not feature one artist repeatedly in the same 3-month window. Exceptions will be made when the artist has been selected for official showcases, SaskMusic events or other newsworthy/key events. 

Singles (music only): Recently released singles that the artist is currently promoting to the public (i.e. you've sent it to radio, or it's your current social media focus track).

Videos: Should be a recently released "single" professional quality video which the artist is currently promoting, whether live concert, livingroom session or storyboard format. We are not promoting video blogs, lyric videos, or teaser videos at this time.
We need:

We select in advance, so let us know your release dates as soon as possible to get onto the consideration list.

Submission form.


New album releases for Features consideration. Entire EPs/albums will go into our music library, along with a one-sheet or short write-up about the album (6-8 sentences), and list of credits. You may be selected for promotions on our social media, included in our year-end "Best Saskatchewan Albums" promotion, etc.

Submission form

Live Shows

Since there are far too many individual shows in any month for us to promote them all equally, we instead  devote time to managing our entire Live Music Listings calendar. All live music shows - from coffee shop shows to concerts to CD release parties to music-based theatrical productions are included. You can submit your own shows by logging into your account on this website, or emailing them to You could also add to your own fan mailing list. 

We do promote concerts/events that SaskMusic is presenting or co-presenting ourselves such as our Black History Month concerts (2023), partnered showcases, open mic presentations, and charitable fundraisers, to name a few. Tag us in your social media posts and we'll occasionally pick posts to reshare.

Community Partnerships

We recognize the importance of live performance opportunities and educational programming in our province. We occasionally work with festivals, organizations and presenters that feature Saskatchewan talent in their programming, providing various kinds of support including assistance with programming lineups, promotion, presenting workshops, having a SaskMusic presence at the event, and/or financial contributions.

Stand-alone concerts and artist tours are not generally considered for support.

To learn more about our Community Partnerships, please download this PDF.

We don't post: "Sales"-type ads (ie gear for sale, or business service promotions not tied to a discount for SaskMusic members); Go Fund Me type promotions; and items not directly relatable to the music industry. This is not a complete list.

Items from artists/businesses outside of Saskatchewan are considered on a case-by-case basis.

Please note SaskMusic members are given priority.