Submissions Policies

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We want to know what you've got going on!  If you have any questions please contact

  1. Add to your fan or industry email subscriber lists
  2. Make sure you have an artist profile here in our Directory and upload items to populate your profile (also applies to studios and music businesses).
    Just login to your account here (or Join, for as little as "free"), then add songs, videos, news releases and descriptions. This content feeds into various areas of our website!
  3. We prefer to receive physical albums so they can go into our record library, but we'll accept digital albums (download links) accompanied by a one-sheet, high-resolution artwork and a credits page. Our mailing address is 1831 College Ave., Regina, S4P 4V5. 
    Here's a simple submission form.

Featured Videos, Singles, and Albums in the SaskMusic E-Release or social media

Have you recently released an official single, music video, or album, any genre? You do not need to be a member of SaskMusic, although we reserve the right to prioritize members in promotions. The selection of features is at the sole discretion of SaskMusic staff and will be based on quantity and quality of submissions, and a rotating diversity of genres.

We collect information on all known releases and will try to feature as many high-quality submissions as possible. Not all releases submitted will be featured. Please let us know your release date and/or other activities so we can tie posts into your activities when possible.

Note: To promote as many different artists as possible we will restrict promotions of any one artist (ie if you already had a featured video, you can't have a featured single in the same 3 month window). Exceptions will be made where the artist has been selected for official showcases, SaskMusic events or other newsworthy/key events. 

Singles (Audio only): Should be a recently released single which the artist is currently promoting (i.e. to commercial radio, or something that's a focus track for the artist).

Videos: Should be a recently released "single" professional quality video which the artist is currently promoting, whether live concert, livingroom session or storyboard format. We are not promoting video blogs, lyric videos, or teaser videos at this time.
We need:

We select in advance, so let us know your release dates as soon as possible to get onto the consideration list.

Submit to: or use this simple form.

Album Releases: See The Session below.

The Session

Please submit your news and albums for our magazine, The Session. Physical issues go to the music industry in Saskatchewan and nationally, and digital issues to the general public. 

Artist and studio news are included in The Buzz column, and can include a photo and your main web address. Are you going into the studio? Got a big tour planned? Win an award, get selected for a showcase, add a new band member? Give us the scoop.

New album releases for The Session. We require a physical or digital copy of your entire album which will go into our music library following inclusion; a one-sheet or short write-up about the album (6-8 sentences), and list of credits, if they aren't on the packaging. Once this information is received we will put it in holding for the next issue of The Session. You may be selected for promotions on our social media, included in our year-end "Saskatchewan releases" list, etc.

Other news: Workshops that are music-centred or of interest to musicians or the music industry will also be included.

Mark it as "For The Session" and email to, drop off at our offices, or use this simple form.

Please note SaskMusic member items are published first, and then non-members as space permits.

Cover Artist interviews and Spotlights (mini interviews with emerging artists and music businesses): Please contact us with information on why you would make a great story; sending a cover letter/pitch, background on the artist and/or a website link where same can be found, and indicating if you have a quantity of high quality photographs available.

For the Featured Artist interview, which is quite lengthy, we prefer to time placement of an artist to an upcoming tour, album release or other major event in the artist's career. If you don't have anything currently going on that is new and newsworthy, we suggest you wait to submit for Featured Artist. Please check out previous Featured Artist articles for an idea of what we're looking for.  

Mark it as "Featured Artist consideration" and email to

E-Release Content Policy

Our e-release distributes news and opportunity deadlines (and especially SaskMusic news and events) of importance and/or that due to timing cannot get into The Session. It also includes classified ads, job postings, etc. As much information as possible changes from e-release to e-release, thus we don’t post deadlines too far in advance, and try to run pieces only 2 issues in a row maximum (or update them with new info). Its subscriber list includes not only members but music fans, professionals and basically anyone who wants to be included – from Saskatchewan.

What usually goes in:

Upcoming workshops of SaskMusic or other presenters’ (as soon as we know about them), including any workshops that have a music component or may be of interest to artists, i.e. creative writing, taxation for artists.

SaskMusic announcements such as:

News from other associations especially time-sensitive information such as:

Major advocacy news such as:

Deadlined events such as: (usually run two issues before deadline)

"Big happy news” such as that sent in our press releases (must be big enough to warrant running in e-release and not waiting for Session)

Time-sensitive artist announcements that are NOT a live gig. These items are SOLELY at the discretion of staff and we may deny placement for any reason. These may be acceptable examples:

Live gigs are not generally included in the e-release except as samples. We refer people to the full calendar on our website. EXCEPTION: A charity benefit concert, especially where several groups/organizations are working together, may receive extra promo in the e-release.

Cultural careers – any career postings that fall broadly in the area of culture.

Member Offers and Classifieds: Note. Bands looking for new members, etc. publish ONLY under the classified section of the e-release. This section may be also be used to promote business interested in the following cases ONLY:

This generally is published in the Session, and NOT in erelease (not time-sensitive):

This is not accepted in the e-release:

Commercial news of any kind where the purpose is the promotion of the business’ services, directly or indirectly, except the cases noted above. (Businesses have the option of purchasing advertising in the e-release, and updates of general interest to the membership MAY be included in The Session).

Anything pertaining to a live gig – i.e. an artist’s CD release party. These are listed ONLY in our Events Calendar. (Artists have the option of purchase advertising in the e-release, and updates of this nature (i.e. CD release) will often be mentioned in The Session). EXCEPTION: A charity benefit concert, especially where several groups/organizations are working together, may receive extra promo in the e-release.

E-Bullet Content Policy

The purpose of the e-bullet is mainly to address time-sensitive events and issues that cannot wait for the next e-release. The majority of the time, an e-bullet is sent to remind/promote a SaskMusic deadline or event a few days before the date.  Only one or two items are usually included and it is kept focused.

To avoid excessive messaging/spamming to our members, we only send e-bullets when absolutely necessary and so that members are usually receiving no more than one message from SaskMusic in a week.

The following are other examples that could necessitate sending an e-bullet.

National E-Release

The National version distributes focused news to a VIP list of national industry professionals and subscribers. It is distributed approximately monthly, but is only sent as needed.

What goes in, as a rule, is only the most important news from Saskatchewan that would be of interest to national industry professionals, such as our press releases and Saskatchewan showcase listings.

They may include: