Making Art in Saskatchewan: People of the Sun

Making Art in Saskatchewan: People of the Sun

by Casey Ling

February 8, 2022 in Artist Profile

Established in 2020, People of the Sun is a collective of SK-based MCs and singers collaborating with a ferocious rhythm section. The vision of the band is to make great music, but to also be an example of inclusion and reconcilliation in and for the community. The band is part of the Sharp 5 Records family, a label that seeks to create live-off-the-floor records with video, in order to capture real musicians making music together, where they live and work. The eight-piece collective Includes: Nigerian born singer/songwriter Nini Jegz, drum expert Cyprian Henry, industry veteran and community leader Info Red, an Indigenous MC, Pakistani-born MC and producer, Origin of Spin; as well as singer Lexy Desjarlais, Rob Lane on bass, Erik Mehlsen on guitar and Ethan Reoch on Keys.

Their Featured track is off their latest EP, 'A Day's Work'. 
November 29, 2020, People of the Sun came together to lay down 4 technical tracks, live off the floor, all recorded in one grueling afternoon. The EP was recorded in an abandoned basement conference rooming Regina’s industrial area. Mixed by Justin Bender, Video shot by Jared Robinson, Video Edited and Songs produced by Erik Mehlsen. “A Day’s Work” officially dropped Oct 8, 2021.

"From the Top"
We wanted to make something that hits hard to start shows with and grab people's attention. Then lay back into something chill and funky to showcase the vocalists. Pay particular attention to the drums and bass in the verses for some solid groove.

People of the Sun currently operate under Sharp 5 Records. You can find more of them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and their Youtube Channel as well on their website