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Hard To Stay

Tales Of A Mermaid

Hard To Stay is the first song out of three on Georgia Laloudakis' self titled EP Shipwreck. Recorded at Roman Empire Studios with David Roman and filmed by Scott Goodwill


Too Soon Monsoon

Too Soon Monsoon's track Wandering released February 17, 2017
song produced by Adam Grant
song written by Greg Torwalt, Nathan Henry, Adam Grant
video filmed by Kristen Torwalt
video edited by Greg Torwalt


Nono Ryan

Part of the Trifecta Artist Collective (Trifecta Music Festival), and former member of DGS Samurai Champs, Nono Ryan’s poetic and introspective approach to hip-hop originates from his personal journeys through the jungles of Thailand, once as a Muay Thai fighter and once again as an ordained Buddhist monk. This is the official music video for Waves off his debut album Flow Tank. The video was directed by Marvin Chan, and shot on location in Berlin, aiming to capture the temporary nature of emotion. Nono Ryan employs vivd imagery and intricate wordplay to narrate his personal encounters with spiritualism.

Fou (Crazy)

Shawn Jobin

Official video for Shawn Jobin's track Fou. The video was produced by Versa Films and directed by Dylan Scott Hryciuk. It is the first video off his upcoming album Éléphant (winter 2017). 

Ghost Highway

Kara Golemba

The official video of Singer/Songwriter Kara Golemba's track, Ghost Highway! The track is off her debut EP, 'Every Little Light' and the video was produced by Brent Nielsen. 

Crayons (Official Music Video)

DGS Samurai Champs

The Snoop Sisters

The Strange Valentines

Here's a song about two wonderful ladies who were affectionately known as the 'Snoop Sisters' as they drove a yellow Turcell all over town attending various card parties and tea drinking excursions. It is a preview song from our upcoming album, due to be released shortly. I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we did making it.

The Swingin Shepherd Blues, Moe Koffman

Marie-VĂ©ronique (MV) Bourque / mv&Co

Video recorded on January 7, 2017 with MV & Co. Marie-Veronique Bourque (flute), Ken Jefferson (piano), Don Young (drums), Graham Purse (Bass), Brent Nielsen (recording, mixing and editing) 

The solo part is written by Marie-Veronique. 

Dick MacInnis - You Rock Me (Official)

Dick MacInnis

Dick MacInnis' "You Rock Me" video in high-definition from his 2009 album "Everything You've Heard About Love". Available here:

Dick MacInnis - Smith & Wesson (Solo Acoustic)

Dick MacInnis

A video of Dick MacInnis singing his song "Smith & Wesson"

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