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God put a smile upon your face (coldplay) - Covered by Ponteix


I duplicated myself a bunch of times for one of my favourite Coldplay songs "God put a smile upon your face". Everything was recorded live from "Studio Garage" in St. Denis Saskatchewan - Canada. 

My Girl

DONNY PARENTEAU SCHOOL OF MUSIC (Fiddle, Mandolin, Voice, Guitar)

This is the official video for "My Girl" filmed in Saskatchewan Canada. Visit or to find out more about this amazing recording artist!

Hard Not To Fall

Karissa Hoffart

Karissa was inspired to write a song about the life process as she works as a Registered Nurse. She realizes how important it is to be kind to all generations. We all go through the same changes, we all fall in one way or another. As her song lyrics take you on the journey of life, remember to never judge others on where they are at in life and have empathy.



Official music video for the new Unfazed single "Midtown" out now on all streaming platforms.

The Sunset Kids

The Sunset Kids

We asked friends and fans from all over the world to write down a positive message to share. In dedication to all the essential workers and front line responders, these are their messages.

#Thankyou to all #essentialworkers working hard to get us through difficult times.

We appreciate you.

Save & Stream #Brave:

Written by The Sunset Kids Video edited by Roman Zugarazo (C) 2020 604 Records Inc.

Hard Dirt

Hunter Brothers

'Hard Dirt' by Hunter Brothers

Let's Go Outside

Rhonda Gallant-Morari

We live in busy and worrisome times. We don't always have fixes to our problems but we know that nature has restorative benefits that can reduce stress and anxiety levels. This video celebrates being outside and captures the beauty of the natural world and our relationship to it. Some of us seek peace and quiet and a stillness that is often hard to find. Some of us love to explore and learn more about the plants and animals. Many of us just enjoy being with family and friends playing under these vast living skies. We can find joy in the sharing of a beautiful sunset, a warming campfire or being humbled by a starry sky. We just need to go outside and let ourselves be immersed. With help from the community, CBC Saskatchewan Weekend listeners, family and friends, this work came about by piecing together photos to create a beautiful montage of Saskatchewan scenery put to music.

Let's Go Outside was written and sung by Rhonda Gallant-Morari. It is an upbeat, fun song with a tinge of gospel overtones. The recording was produced by Ross Nykiforuk of Cosmic Pad Studio in Saskatoon and features Rich McFarlane on guitar, Glenn Ens on drums, and Gent Laird on bass. Ross Nykiforuk also played piano and organ.

I want to send out a huge thank you to everyone who got on board with this fun project and submitted photos. I wish I could have used them all! The decisions were difficult to make. Photo credits are at the end of the video. This is a musical celebration of Saskatchewan Outside!

Oh Well: Lockdown Version

Last Birds

Oh Well was recorded and produced during the COVID-19 pandemic using technology available at home.

Written and Produced by Lindsay Arnold and Mike Davis


Ought to be Loved feat. Jesse Brown

Jay & Jo

"Ought To Be Loved," featuring Canadian pianist and composer Jesse Brown, is a new single off of Jay & Jo's anticipated sophomore album, to release in summer of 2020.


Nicholas Hennink - We Are Warriors

I AM STRONG by Nicholas Hennink

Produced by Jared Robinson

Recorded by Nebulus Entertainment

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