Saskatchewan Videos

Better Than Yesterday


"Better Than Yesterday" was captured on March 23rd, 2024 at Amigos Cantina for GreenWing's sold-out album release show. Video production was done by Saul and Nova Creative, while the audio was recorded at Rainy Day Recording Co with producer Matt Stinn. The song is one of 8 tracks on their most recent album “Eatin’ It”, which the band released in March of this year.

Headphones (feat. Sela Ninja)

Burning Pallets

Written and recorded in early 2023, the song features a guest verse from Sela Ninja who recorded in Tanzania, Africa, with engineering and additional production by Silhouette Overdrive. The music video was shot at Burning Pallets performance in Regina at the Mercury Cafe, May 18th, 2024 with Connect the Dots. It was filmed by JUSTDAVE.the1 and edited by Jonathon Karabekian.

I Wanna Wake Up In Vegas

Arcana Kings

This 5-piece Rock band shot the video themselves in Las Vegas, while the song was recorded at @raissask in Saskatoon and mixed by Ryan Andersen. "A tune capturing the fun and excitement of hanging around our favourite town and playing our favourite gig.” - Arcana Kings

Born Free

Braided Waves

“Born Free” was produced by Platinum Sellers with Dwayne Gerous of Braided Waves serving as recording engineer, while Graham Smith of Atreus XO Studio did the mixing and mastering of the track. The video was shot by Dakota Shepherd and was co-directed by Brain Waves and Dakota Shepherd.

Hold Up


This music video was directed by acclaimed director Yemlat and shot in Lagos, Nigeria. Shot with an indoor groove theme, the video transports viewers into a world of dance, color, and expression. Yemlat’s creative direction adds depth and visual flair to the song, complementing the vibrant energy of the track.

It Isn't Criminal

The Great Fuss

The video for “It Isn’t Criminal”, which was released May 24th in conjunction with the single, is a mix of live performance shots and trippy visual effects. The live clips were shot by Saul Chabot during performances at Amigos and The Capitol, while Great Fuss frontman Pete Oldridge filmed the other clips on the metro in Paris.

Next Step Girl

Megan Kelly

Catch & Release

Marissa Burwell

This music video was directed by Andrew Parry and Emma New and features synchronized swimming inspired choreography. The track was produced by Chris Dimas and Madison Nicol at Astros West Recording.

The Same Sky

Greg Hargarten & Ricasso

Even though we're miles apart we're under the same sky!

Pictures of You

Greg Hargarten & Ricasso

Music and art converge

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