Who We Are

SaskMusic (the Saskatchewan Recording Industry Association) is a non-profit association established in 1987. We represent, promote, and develop the commercial music industry of Saskatchewan. Our programming includes artist listings, career consults, professional development and training, marketing and export assistance and activities, and communication and networking opportunities. Our member artists and music professionals come from across the province, and work in every genre of the music industry. SaskMusic serves as a source of information and resources for both the public, and the music industry. We strive to be the voice of Saskatchewan music.

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The Bylaws of SaskMusic express the mandate of SaskMusic as follows:


SaskMusic stimulates growth and development in the Saskatchewan music industry through leadership, promotion, training, advocacy and partnership.


SaskMusic's Conflict of Interest Policy

SaskMusic maintains guidelines and procedures regarding real and apparent conflicts of interest for individuals who are Board, staff or committee members of SaskMusic in order to maintain high standards of ethical conduct with regard to their fiduciary responsibilities and to the public trust.

This policy can be found in our Policy Guide, downloadable here.

Where non-standard COI policies apply for an intake/project, the COI will be noted within the project information.

Diversity drives the creative spirit.

SaskMusic is committed to representing music industry members of our province across race, gender identity, age, religion, disability, and sexual orientation. We believe a broad mix of minds, musical styles, cultural backgrounds and individual experiences makes for a stronger industry. As a membership organization, we strive to encourage, support, and celebrate the many voices of our community, with intentional strategies to welcome engagement from historically underrepresented identities and people within our industry.

Our board is working to develop more comprehensive Diversity, Equity and Inclusion policies. Please stay tuned.