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Our summer Member Drive ended July 31, 2017. 

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We reserve the right to award prizes to the next person drawn if the winner does not reply to or acknowledge our draw notification emails within 30 days of initial notification.

Member Drive earning actions ending July 31, 2017 Prize Entries Earned**
Youth/Individual Memberships: Purchase a new membership (below), renew your existing one, or currently hold one* 10
Band/Corporate Memberships: Purchase a new membership (below), renew your existing one, or currently hold one* 15
Become a new subscriber to the SaskMusic e-release (below)* 2
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Entries accumulate! e.g. Renew your Individual membership (10), 5 friends you referred sign up for the e-release (10), plus one other friend purchases a membership (10), you update your Directory listing (2), and post our membership graphic on your Twitter feed twice (4), you’ve earned 36 entries!        

Over $2500 in prizes will be drawn for, including:

PLUS everyone who accumulates 35+ entries will automatically earn a free SaskMusic t-shirt of their choice! The top entries earner overall will receive a special SaskMusic merch prize package.

The fine print

Draws will be conducted after July 31, 2017. Your odds of winning a prize will be dependent on total number of entries accumulated by everyone participating in this promotion over the period May 1-July 31, 2017. Entries will be eligible for all draws. Open to Canadian residents only. SaskMusic Board and staff at time of draw are ineligible for prizing. Void where prohibited by law.

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