Export Advice

Export Advice

*The SaskMusic International Export Consultation Program is currently no longer accepting submissions (2022)*

SaskMusic's updated International Export Consultant program will run from November 2020 to March 2021. Working in partnership with the UK-based Enki Music, one-on-one consultations with in-market exports will be available to export-ready SaskMusic members based in Saskatchewan. 

We recognize the impact that COVID-19 and the inability to tour has had on many artists' careers, and we hope through this program we can help artists who are at pivotal points in their careers to better understand their options, to workshop campaign strategies, and to develop in-market infrastructure. Artists who have previously performed internationally, or who had plans to tour internationally that were impacted by the pandemic, are encouraged to apply for a consult.  

Topics of discussion may include (for example) industry trends, how to market yourself as a foreign artist overseas, tour routing and festival markets, logistics, information on the publishing network, and more. 

This program may end early if all available hours are booked up before March.

For more information, email or give us a call at 1-800-347-0676.

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About Enki Music

Enki Music are strategists and practitioners, operating as creative advisors, and music export specialists, providing network development and market knowledge to build value and consistency for the development of music business.

The name Enki derives from the Sumerian era; the first literate civilization that founded its divinities on matters pertaining to natural and social orders. Enki was the god of life, creativity, and mischief. Enki represents the characteristics of progress and disruption and is the embodiment of contemporary cultural complexities, from the dynamic digital landscape to the offline mechanics of music promotion and business development. These influences inform the vision for ENKI music and provide the core principles of their work. 

Note: You must be a current member of SaskMusic to access this program

If you are not eligible for the export ready level of this program but still have questions about the UK and European markets please direct questions to Program Manager Kaelen Klypak, kaelen@saskmusic.org

Approval Process

The consultant and SaskMusic will review your booking request to determine export readiness and market potential.

If accepted, the consultant will reach out to arrange a time for your consultation. Each artist is treated on a case-by-case basis and would receive advice on market preparation to ensure sustainable expansion.