Making Art in Saskatchewan: Lynksfr

Making Art in Saskatchewan: Lynksfr

by SaskMusic

February 14, 2022 in Artist Profile

Abdulazeem Ayeloja, whose goes on stage as Lynksfr, was born in western part of Nigeria. He then moved to Saskatchewan to chase after his music and educational career at the age of 16. Lynksfr was born in the Islamic religion, but his love for music made him migrate to Christianity at the age of 15. Growing up, he had developed a skillset for playing guitar and piano. Lynksfr has been in his church choir not as a singer, but as an instrumentalist.

"I always wanted to pick up a mic and sing in front of the whole congregation, but I did not think I had the vocal capability to do so."

Lynksfr's music is greatly inspired by the likes of hip-hop rappers Drake, Eminem, Polo g, and the way he crafts his art showcases the influences of all these mainstream artists in the hip-pop scene. Lynksfr currently has 3 singles out on all platforms. His most recent track, "Slow," hit over 4000 plays on Spotify and over 2000 streams on other streaming platforms including Apple Music. Lynksfr's next single "Golden" will be releasing later this month.

Golden is an R&B/trap song written and performed by Lynksfr. Inspired by the feeling of love and happiness, the song is a mix of many emotions conveyed through words.

'Just like the colourful rose you lit up my smile' is the first line of the track which shows that the writer is in his feelings throughout the composition stage of the track. Throughout the track, Lynksfr addresses a lady and talks about how she makes him feel. He does not only talk about the physically appealing appearance of the girl, he also talks about how this girl has been there for him emotionally and mentally.

Golden was recorded in Lynksfr's home studio, and was co-produced by Canadian Gold record/ JUNO-nominated producer Orion Paradis at Soulsound Studios. Golden will be released on all streaming platforms on February 13, 2022.

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