Making Art in Saskatchewan: JaidaRae

Making Art in Saskatchewan: JaidaRae

by Casey Ling

February 11, 2022 in Artist Profile

Despite a number of obstacles in her way, Jaida Rae still manages to make her own music in a way that highlights her identity.

Following JaidaRae’s first release back in 2018, Jaida was put into a medically induced coma on April 7, 2019, leaving her vocal cords paralyzed for almost three years. Jaida also mentioned how another obstacle in her musical career was the impact of her race in the industry.

"Trying to find yourself as a Black singer in the music industry...doors aren't opening and instead are closing for you. You don't get as many opportunities as you would if say you lived somewhere else."

Jaida also emphasized how being a woman in a male-dominated industry has been a struggle. She notes how her experience may be different from others and how it has been difficult to release music on a consistent basis. "Being a woman, a Black woman, has been hard in the music industry. And I've been treated very differently so it's been hard to release music here and there with all of the contracts."

Despite this, Jaida is glad that she is able to share her culture with the province. She mentions how when comparing Canada with the United States, they have a stronger presence of Black artists. Jaida is thankful that she is able to break that mold with the community.

"With Rooky, Tony HazeL-Sly, and PCB, we're all trying to bring up more of a cultural background in Saskatchewan."

In regards to changes in the music industry, Jaida would like to see more funding for the arts, especially for Black individuals and immigrants. For all artists to create their art, Jaida wishes for everyone to begin on an even playing field.

"The funding, especially for Black individuals and immigrants, we already don't have much money...if that's our passion, we should be able to do that as well."

While Jaida has been quiet recently about new releases after her coma, there is new work on the way.

Regardless of the many barriers thrown in her way, Jaida Rae continues to make music that draws attention to who she is as an individual.

"Can I sing as good as Beyonce? Can I sing as good as Mariah Carey? With that being said, I can sing like JaidaRae."

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