Making Art in Saskatchewan: Nini Jegz

Making Art in Saskatchewan: Nini Jegz

by Casey Ling

February 8, 2022 in Artist Profile

Vocalist and songwriter Nini Jegz acts as one of eight members in the Regina-based hip-hop/R&B band People of the Sun. After hearing her speak, one element of the music industry she feels passionately about is the community.

Within her band or her identity, Nini has always enjoyed what she does. Acting in an eight-piece band brings many perspectives to "throw at the wall and to see what sticks." Working with others such as InfoRed, Origin of Spin, and Erik Mehlsen creates a dynamic where any and all ideas are welcome. In contrast, Nini's own music is meticulously thought out and done in a way where it is made for herself.

"The singers do their singing and the rappers do their rapping and it kinda works that way...I'm kind of a perfectionist of my own music, I don't want to not be happy when it finally comes out."

Nini also mentions how her identity as a Black woman influences her craft. She states that how in the same way she looks up to her mother and grandmothers, so too does she wish to be a role model for other Black women. On the other hand, Nini says that her strong community is one of the barriers being a Black artist, explaining, "Many times Black people only want to relate to people that are Black simply because that's where they feel most comfortable...being reserved affects us because we are even too afraid to ask for help when we need it."

Much of her joy in the music industry has been breaking down the previously stated walls and helping out other artists. Ultimately, the message Nini conveys is to take action and to have fun growing with the family of musicians that you choose. 

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Nini performing for SaskMusic's International Women’s Day Concert 2021

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