Behind the Scenes: PCB (Prince Caleb Banks)

Behind the Scenes: PCB (Prince Caleb Banks)

by Casey Ling

February 25, 2022 in Industry Profile

Prince Caleb Banks, who often goes by PCB, has always had exposure to music. Growing up he played piano in the church and was consistently around other artists in his fathers recording studio. His passion of working with other artists has led him to the production side behind the board creating beats for other local artists.

When comparing his experience as a musician with his experience as a producer, PCB highlights the need for a strong relationship between the two parties. He notes how very rarely musicians will stray from their trusted partner as they both require the same vision. The same is true with PCB and his current collaborator Brian Mendoza.

"Thats why most of the greatest artists find that one or two producers. Like Drake and 40, Eminem and Dr.Dre. Once they click and find that chemistry, the rest is just magic. As an artist, you really need a good producer that understands your vision."

With being such a big influence with multiple musicians in the city, PCB acts as an ever present force behind artists, adapting and bending to the multiple genres he experiences. While he is a part of so many works, PCB emphasizes the need to take a step back and not impose his own opinion on his colleagues.

"As a producer, I have my views but you have to allow them to imbue it yourself...Its not your music. As much as it is your music, it's the artists vision. So I've been blessed because its made me very eclectic in terms of knowing how to maneuver."

PCB has been working with Blue Door Recording Studios for quite some time now. Over his years here, he has seen the music industry in Saskatchewan grow with more and younger artists. He also mentions the shift of the intent of creating music from creating a living to doing it for a passion.

"I'm so happy to see the amount of artists here now...just seeing how much the scene has grown and how much people are collaborating and (how many) young producers and artists there are, I'm just excited for future artists to come because they are going to make a much bigger scene."

"A lot of musicians aren't really making that much money at this point which means you have to have a passion for it. If you're in it just to make a pay cheque or money, then I don't know. But obviously eventually it's going to get to that point. Its nice to see how people are pushing based on the passion.

In regards to his identity and his music, PCB says how he believes the beauty of music is in how it surpasses all barriers. His perspective of someone who is Black as well as a producer is one of many perspectives PCB can add to the cultural mosaic in Canada.

"For me, its the fact that it's multicultural. I wouldn't say that I'm a 'Black producer' of any sort. I'm a producer who happens to be black. My color never really comes first. But I do enjoy working with different cultures, I've always had great experiences and I think that's the beautiful thing about music."

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