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The Water Spirits

Ember Belladonna

The Water Spirits by Ember Belladonna Folk metal flute

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Summer Haze


velours – “Summer Haze” – Official Music Video

Produced by: Versa Films



Official music video of "Nevertheless" by Zayd

I Wanna Hold Your Hand

G. B. Loon

Official video for "I Wanna Hold Your Hand" off of the album "Loonie Tunes" by G. B. Loon & The Loonies. 

End Comes


Official music video by Annora performing 'End Comes' from her debut album 'The Ocean'.

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Magical Sunday

The Accomplice

"Magical Sunday" The Accomplice



Song: Lifeboat

Artist: Rymestone

Album: Neighbourhood (2019 Reservoir Recordings)

Animation: rotoscope by Emma Jean, scenes from Baywatch S1 E18.


Indigo Delight


Indigo Delight is a jazz-influenced, romantic song celebrating the peace and beauty of the twilight hours. The mood is captured with guitar, bass, percussion, piano, and vocals. 

Great Wall


Great Wall is a song that addresses the false barriers that separate people and keep them in a weakened state. It's a call to tear down the walls and regain freedom through the power of love. It has a captivating opening bass riff, driving beat, guitar, piano, mandolin and wonderful vocal harmonies.


Patient Hands

The official music video for the new single "Opening," from upcoming album "There Are No Graves Here," Directed by Lane Dorsey. Premiered via Variance Magazine.

"There Are No Graves Here" releases October 30th worldwide, and on October 28th in Japan on Moorworks.

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