Saskatchewan Videos

Reflexión - Featuring Nate Hilts

Andino Suns


The Night Before je t'aime

Alexis Normand



Surf Rider

Ryan Hicks



She Said

Katie Tupper

Latest single & music video from this R&B/Neo-Soul artist out of Saskatoon! Video directed by Ryley Konechny, Molly Schikosky & Katie Tupper. Made with the support of Creative Saskatchewan.

PINERIPPER - "Cut Teeth" - LIVE at the Exchange


Live video of our song "Cut Teeth" from our set at "The Exchange" - Regina, SK - July 30, 2022

***Mature Content***

PINERIPPER - "Far Too Long" - LIVE at the Exchange


Live video for our song "Far too long" from our set at "The Exchange"- Regina, SK - July 30,2022

Not What Ya Think

Jess Moskaluke

Country music songstress Jess Moskaluke official music video for her digitally released single "Not What Ya Think" via MDM Recordings Inc./Universal Music Canada. Consistently elevating her craft and unafraid to dive into new avenues surrounding her projects, this is a first for the JUNO Award-winning artist who teamed up with Munz Media over the last few months to create a unique video which features over 2,500 hand drawn animations.

Moving Like a Planet

Factor Chandelier

Title track and lead single from new Factor Chandelier new album "Moving Like a Planet"

Video created by Riley Deacon.

Directed: Riley Deacon

Additional Synth and Vocals: Riley Deacon

Additional Vocals: Taylor Jade

Mastering: Riley Deacon

The People's Anthem

People of the Sun

From "PEOPLE OF THE SUN" LP Now Streaming

Minus Forty (Explicit)

Curtwood Bearsman

Recent music video and single release from this acoustic rock singer/songwriter out of Kindersley! Video produced by Curtwood & Mitchell Bohn. As Curtwood explains about the track: "“Minus Forty” was written after waiting at a bus stop in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan for nearly an hour during -40 Celsius temperatures. My feet were completely frozen, my beard was all icicles, and the bus I needed to take to the university simply never arrived. I was angry, exhausted, and felt stupid for waiting so long. After giving up and returning home, I picked up my acoustic guitar and wrote a song about the extreme harshness of Canadian winters."

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