Saskatchewan Videos

Mental Breakdown


The official music video for the single “Mental Breakdown” by Coherency, from the 2018 album Cognitive Dissonance.


Chasing Illusions

The official video for "Her" off the Eyes EP.

Produced By: Versa Films

Johnny Cash

Alexis Normand

Live rendition of single from Alexis Normand's self-titled record (2017)

Lyrics by: Daniel Beaumont // Music by: Alexis Normand 

Performance by Alexis Normand and Marc Papillon-Ferland. 

Video by Matt Smith 

Audio recording by Dan Canfield


Lost Highway Navigators

"EVERYBODY'S TALKIN'"  from our recent Residency at Bon Temps Cafe, Saskatoon. October 2018.


Lost Highway Navigators

Live clip of "Myself to Blame" from our recent residency at Bon Temps Cafe, Saskatoon October 16, 2018.

Light On

The Missing Children's Choir

Check out the debut video from Canadian roots rockers The Missing Children's Choir.Humble, sincere, earned, stories told from backgrounds that are truly Canadian born and bred. Coast to coast, heart to heart. Honest simple folk and roll.


The Dead South

Watch the official music video for "Boots" from The Dead South's album "Illusion & Doubt"

Singles Cruise

3 Ninjasks

Video for 3ninjasks song Singles Cruise from their album z o a m s

Collaged and remixed from various sources.

The Dead South

The Dead South

Recorded in November, 2017 at the Astra Kulturhaus in Berlin, Germany. Directed by Katherina Tress.

Une porte s’ouvre (Cinq avril)

Marie-Véronique (MV) Bourque / mv&Co

Musicians: Marie-Véronique Bourque (flute), Michelle Grégoire (piano), Jeremy Coates (double bass), Tyler Hornby (drums). Production: Tyler Hornby. Musical arrangement: Michelle Grégoire. Sound engineer: Spencer Cheyne. Recorded at OCL Studio, Calgary. Video: Zach Almond & Adjile Video Productions 2018

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