Saskatchewan Videos

Infinity Blues

Shirley & The Pyramids

New single from Shirley & The Pyramids' forthcoming third album 'Maid of Time'.

Released through Fuzzed Up & Astromoon Records (IE/EU) in conjunction with Grey Records (CA).

Late Bloomer (Live at Rainy Day Recording Co.)


Recent live, continuous one-shot, music video from this heavy indie band out of Saskatoon! The title song off their debut album of the same name released this past Sept. Video shot by Saul Chabot at Milamedia.


Ghost Note

Recent single & music video from this rapper/producer out of Saskatoon. Track is off their new EP, 'Kill The Baby'. Mixing sing-song-y rap and dark self produced instrumentals. Recorded at PAVED Arts and produced by Ghost Note.

Off Top (CLEAN)


Directed by: Kyriel Pimpton Roberts

Filmed by: RoyalZProduction

Arranged & Edited by: Kyriel Pimpton Roberts & RoyalZProduction

Produced by: Tap Riley

Composed by: Kyriel "Pimpton" Roberts

Tracked & Engineered by: Kyriel Pimpton Roberts

Mixed & Mastered by: DJ Kemo

Little Wing

Uklectic Fred

Uklectic Fred, a.k.a. Pat Cadman of Saskatoon, believes the ukulele is poised for a new level of enjoyment and appreciation among music fans.  Fred presents an eclectic mix of jazz standards, blues and original compositions featuring the brilliant, yet warm tones of the tenor ukulele, and Fred’s finger picking stylings.

Keep That Energy

Lova Lamp

Directing: zuccc, Lova Lamp

Filming: zuccc

Editing: Lova Lamp

Long Division

Ellen Froese

Directed by Corey Gomez


Kate Erhardt - Coal Miner’s Daughter by Loretta Lynn at the GX94 Star Search Finals 2022

Kate Erhardt

Performed July 9 at the Yorkton Exhibition. 

Kate Erhardt - The Climb by Miley Cyrus at the GX94 Star Search Finals 2022

Kate Erhardt

Performed July 9 at the Yorkton Exhibition. 

Hidden Valley

Alexis Normand


Video idea by Alexis Normand

Directed, shot and edited by Matt Smith

Wardrobe by Maygen Kardash

Makeup by Anh Pham

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