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Lakeridge Preschool Band

1st single off Lakeridge Preschool Band's debut EP 'I Tried Real Life, but it wasn't for me'. Shot by Little Jack FIlms.

Friends Over Enemies

Unkle Adams

"Original + Friends over Enemies" 7" mini vinyl record available for a limited time:

Listen to “Friends over Enemies” on the service of your choice:






Beat Produced by Insane Beatz.

Written and Recorded by Unkle Adams.

Mixed & Mastered by Jared Robinson.

Music Video Directed and Edited by Unkle Adams. Music Video Filmed and Graded by Merlando Media:

Si Le Froid


The Giant

Firing At The Sky

Firing At The Sky's music video for "The Giant." Special thanks to the Motion Arts program at the Recording Arts Institute of Saskatoon, Doug Luciuk, Nicole Hueser, Peter Schmaltz, Dillon Adams, Bo Shingoose, Kori Lynn Rempel, Celeste Nicholson, Kody Manson, and Sully Burli for making this possible!

Creatures of The Night

The Accomplice

For More Fun...

Hidden Frame

The Pxrtals

From the album Un Jour

Isn't That The Reason You Came?

Scott Anthony Andrews

From his latest CD “I Don’t Do Lazy Like That,” Scott Anthony Andrews releases his second video. According to Canadian Beats, “ “Isn’t That The Reason?” is a track that takes influence from the crooner side of pop from the 1980’s in tune with Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up” and Gerry Rafferty’s “Baker Street” ” ….what grand company! Filmed on location at the beautiful Artesian, the video features the lovely and talented Corinne Groff.

What Brand of Country Are You?

Amanda Hagel

Song is available now on ALL MAJOR DIGITAL PLATFORMS!!

Song Produced by - Bart McKay (Bart McKay Productions)

Mastered by - Trevor Case (Case Mastering)

Videography by - Andrea An (Nolita Studios)

Hold Me Back

Nick Faye & The Deputies

Music video for "Hold Me Back" from Nick Faye & The Deputies' new album "Stumbling Distance" produced by Juno/Polaris award winning Producer Michael Wojewoda (Barenaked Ladies, Buffy Sainte-Marie, Amelia Curran). "Stumbling Distance" will be out on Tuesday, April 17 on all online media stores and streaming services. Video by Hot Tag Productions shot in Creelman, SK with tons of support by David Carnegie of Plain View Media. Special thanks to Creative Saskatchewan and Rawlco Radio for their financial contributions in helping to make the album.

You Know Me

Samurai Champs

©2018 Trifecta Productions, Samurai Champs

Video shot and edited by Merlando Media.

For more production by Merlando:

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