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Stolen Sister

Riva Farrell Racette

Love and Postcards feat. Stu Block

Kristina Gasparic-Block: Piano/Keyboard, Accompanist, Vocalist, Songwriter, Music Educator

First original release as Kriss The Sky. This song is a power duet with husband, Stu Block, which showcases their softer but still edgy musical personalities. 

Kristina wrote this song while Stu was extensively touring with his group and so is climactic and has a special place in their hearts.

Kristina's brother, Johnny Gasparic of MCC Studios, played all guitars, bass, mixed and mastered to bring this song to a higher level of production. Session drummer, Chad Melchert, recorded all drums. 

I Don't Wanna Live Anymore

The Local Group - Young bluegrass/folk band in Saskatoon

The Local Group, pluckers and pickers, live in Stan's Place Offsale, singing a suicidal bluegrass song. filmed on VHS & audio recorded to cassette.

Long Boy

The Local Group - Young bluegrass/folk band in Saskatoon

Inspired by two retired racing greyhounds we saw in Blairmore, Alberta. They are funny looking dogs, so we named this song after them and got Kendel Vreeling (@kendel_makes) to make our cool logo.


Katie Tupper

Give Me Your Rain

Munro & Patrick

'Give Me Your Rain' the title track off of Munro & Patrick's debut EP. Their powerful and emotional vocals combine to take this song to another level, at times tender and intimate, in the next breath gritty and full of soul.


The Criminal Kid

Camille Parkman - Peace - LIVE @ Home

Exalt Recording

Exalt Recording's second-ever live audio & video project.

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