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The Barrens

Gunner and Smith

The Barrens is the first single from Gunner & Smith's new album Byzantium coming Sep. 22, 2017

Pretty Good Guy

Blake Berglund

Published on 4 Aug 2017

Song one from "Realms" (September 1, 2017)
Pre-order "Realms" on iTunes and Google Play Now:

I. Our Hero

written by Blake J Berglund (SOCAN/ASCAP)

He's addicted to pinball like cocaine
Dabbled with the latter just the same
He's gone and cheated on a couple of his lovers
He never tells the cops his real name
So they call him Boss, or Hoss, or Handsome
He'll never pass a chance to get high
You can always judge a band by their covers
Bet your ass that he's a Pretty Good Guy

Five months straight of six night shifts through the weekend
Represent a working mans voice
A pseudo-metal, punk-rock loving outlaw
You damn rights a mama's boy by choice
Be it hours or days of a distance
He'll always get you out of a bind
You can always judge a man by his mother
So bet your ass that this one is a Pretty Good Guy

A smooth talking devil of the nightlife
An early morning coffee cup in hand
Well, he'll exercise his freedom of expression
And he won't back down once he takes his stand
He can talk himself out of any situation
But he sure as hell ain't afraid to fight
Never get between a man and his brother
Bet your ass that he's a Pretty Good Guy
All good times should be followed by another
Bet your ass he's a Pretty Good Guy
Good God, he's a good guy
Good God, he's a pretty good guy

Blake Berglund - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Bryce Lewis - Lead Guitar
Steve Leidal - Drums
Shawn Patton - Bass (on album) / Elizabeth Currie appearing in video
Melanie Hankewich & Megan Nash - Backing Vocals
Jason Plumb - Electric Guitar, Backing Vocals
Jeremy Sauer - Organs
Ian Cameron - Steel Guitar
Jason Heistad - Fiddle

***independently hustled by Blake Berglund under Oceanman Records***

Film in collaboration with little jack films 
Editing, Production, Direction by little jack films

EP Promo Video

Shannon Rae

Debut EP promotional video "Way to Memphis" 

Becoming The Savage

Despite The Reverence

Published on 9 Mar 2017

New Album 'Becoming the Savage'

Available now: 
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Connect with Despite The Reverence:

Lead Vocals/Guitar: Tom Liska
Lead Guitar/Vocals: Johnny Fast
Bass: Jordan Poelzer
Drums: Brad Zimmer


I, I've seen mountains as they were formed
Seen death while I weathered the storm
Become the savage
Like waves as they crash on the shore
I've seen the reaper turning his head
Witness vanquished buried their dead
Plagues of flies, watching the sky painted red
I've.. become.. savage
Push through the mud, the roar of the sickening thud
Stand and tremble, Waiting the rise of the flood
Marking, Marching in line, Crushing right down to the vine
Cry Havoc! Slipping the dogs of war

We fall in the distance, Savage hearts enlisted
Carried away were far from home
Lost our way.. Drift off track, Baptised in combat
Our souls go on alone

I, I've seen the face, Falling from grace
Witnessed life when it wasn't a race
Become the savage
Drift never turning away
Oh, The sign, Marked at the back of my head
Numbered, Hidden, True to the dark side

We fall in the distance, Savage hearts enlisted
Carried away were far from home
Lost our way.. Drift off track, Baptised in combat
Our souls go on alone

Headin' Back to Cleveland

Val Halla

Published on 10 Apr 2017

(C) 2017 Val Halla Music Song: Headin' Back to Cleveland Album: A Walk On Part in the War
Director: Nick Cavalier Camera Operator: Michael Parks ***Album is available April 7th, 2017 on all digital retailers and streaming services. Special thanks to everyone at the Empire Plow Co. in Cleveland, OH for allowing us to shoot this video with them. We would also like to acknowledge the support of Creative Saskatchewan in partial funding of this project.

Fifty Four


Published on 29 Mar 2017

Fifty Four

The first single off 'Aud Man Out: The Album', available April 13th, 2017. PRE-ORDER NOW at:

Shot and directed by: Evan Thompson and Tatum Bourdages
Edited by: Evan Thompson
Song Written by Cquel 
Produced by Brahm Enslin
Beat Composed by Brahm Enslin
Recorded at Chandelier Studios
Mixed by Factor Chandelier
Mastered by Michael Venia

All video shot in La Crucecita, and Santa Cruz, Mexico

Recording funded in part by Creative Saskatchewan

More from Cquel:

Pour Me Another


Waking Up

Close Talker

Published on 10 May 2017

A Film by Close Talker & Dale Bailey

New album 'Lens' available Now
Purchase 'Lens' here:

Close Talker:

Dale Bailey:

Filmed & Edited ~ Dale Bailey
Produced ~ Close Talker
Drones ~ Icarus Apollo Productions
First Asst. ~ Janessa Kopperud

Lone Survivor ~ Sarah Hundeby 
Canine Companion ~ Skeena 

Special Thanks:
Sarah Hundeby
Janessa Kopperud
Paul Thiessen
Trevor James
George Hupka
David Kopperud 
Chris Martens 
Doug Jackson
Jacksons Honey

Moon Landing

Natural Sympathies

Music video for Moon Landing by Natural Sympathies
Video by Mike Rollo
From the EP Strange Heavens available here June 2, 2017:

Minor Threat & Morrissey Walk Into A Bar

The Low Joy Ceiling

Published on 18 May 2017

Debut record 'Crooked Bangs EP' available now.

Directed by Rob White

Starring Kris Alvarez and Jayden Pfeifer.

Special thanks to Oiseaux, Surf Dads, Doubt It, Library Voices, Blake Berglund & The Vultures, Queen City Stoop Kids, Xana, Prairie Gold, LOA, The Wildmen, Nick Faye, Natural Sympathies, Rah Rah, Ava Wild. 

Extra special thanks for Devin, Roque, Sid, Beckett and Laz. Sorry to anyone we are forgetting.

Extra, extra, extra special thanks to the kind people at City Collateral for helping us out.

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