Saskatchewan Videos

Hard Dirt

Hunter Brothers

'Hard Dirt' by Hunter Brothers

Oh Well: Lockdown Version

Last Birds

Oh Well was recorded and produced during the COVID-19 pandemic using technology available at home.

Written and Produced by Lindsay Arnold and Mike Davis


Ought to be Loved feat. Jesse Brown

Jay & Jo

"Ought To Be Loved," featuring Canadian pianist and composer Jesse Brown, is a new single off of Jay & Jo's anticipated sophomore album, to release in summer of 2020.


Nicholas Hennink - We Are Warriors

I AM STRONG by Nicholas Hennink

Produced by Jared Robinson

Recorded by Nebulus Entertainment


Back In Time

Namoo Nara

Off the Grid

The Dustin Ritter Band

The Dustin Ritter Band - Off the Grid (2020)

From the album "The Weightless Effect" (2020)

Save Me

Eden Paige

Through Save Me, I wanted to encourage teens to reach out to one another and to spread the message of how important it is to be kind to each other. Save Me reminds us that no matter what we are going through, no one is truly alone and better days are always on their way. The first step is reaching out.

Save me is a music video that weaves three heartbreaking stories of peer pressure, bullying & trauma in high school, and encourages teens to reach out to not only find the resources they need, but also to make sure they’re checking in on one another.

Before viewing, please consider that Save Me touches on some sensitive topics. We hope we can use this film as a place to start difficult conversations. Please be kind.




"Father" by Zayd

Stream or Download:



Jay & Jo

"Youth" is from Jay & Jo's sophomore album "Victory," to release in June 2020.



Dead Levee

Dead Levee’s official video for their track ‘Tension’.

Video Produced and Edited by: Dylan Fairman

Music Mixed and Produced by: Chris Dimas

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