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Arcana Kings

‘UNBREAKABLE’ - the new video from Arcana Kings off the album ‘Lions As Ravens’.  Directed by Dave Benedict at Square Egg Visions and Barry Nerling.

All We've Got

Leah Mertz

'All We've Got' - Music Video


Leah Mertz

'Wind', both song and video, is a culmination of a 7 year struggle that was finally put to rest when I arrived in Saskatoon, SK.

I wrote this song in 2012, and have worked on it countless times since then. It’s bizarre looking at footage of us working on it in Vancouver so many years ago. It's strange seeing us smiling in Montreal when times were so dark.

This song and video remained unfinished until now.


Carefully in the Dark

Close Talker

'Carefully in the Dark' by Close Talker From the brand new album 'How Do We Stay Here?' Listen now: Directed by Corey Meyers Animated and Edited by Carol Aldrighi © 2019 Slow Weather Music and Sinnbus Records

Pray for Me

Paul Kuzbik

"Pray for Me" is the first single from Paul Kuzbik's upcoming debut record. Recorded by Mike LaFrench, mixed by Jesse Gander, and mastered by Stu McKillop. Video shot by Prehistoric Productions. Copyright 2019 Paul Kuzbik.

Petite Fleur


Available everywhere -

Paroles: Mario Lepage et Louis-Jean Cormier

Musique : Mario Lepage

Arrangement: Mario Lepage, Adam Logan

Réalisation : Fred Levac + Mario Lepage

Mix : Fred Levac Prise de son : Fred Levac

Musiciens : – Mario Lepage (voix/piano/synths/guitar/Bass/programmation/shaker) – Adam Logan (guitar/synth/programmation) – Kyle Grimsrud-Manz (Batterie) Matriçage : Richard Addison (Trilium Sounds)

Ce projet a été rendu grâce au soutien financier de MUSICACTION

A Million Things (A Man Can Do)

Beach Body & The Southside Coyote Boys

Official Video for "A Million Things (A Man Can Do)" performed by Beach Body & The Southside Coyote Boys

Pre-Save the Album "Beach Body Presents: The Southside Coyote Boys":

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Created by Munz Media Directed by Andrew Freedom Parry

Somebody Like That

Tenille Arts

Listen to "Somebody Like That" everywhere: Please

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My 65 Ford

Randy Doran

A song I wrote about a car I had when I was 18.  Fast and Fun. Loved that car!

Red Hair and Green Eyes

Randy Doran

a song about love lost


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