Saskatchewan Videos

An Empty Room with Alex Runions - "Middle of a Country Song"

Alex Runions

The Empty Room is a video series that features live off the floor recordings by select Saskatchewan artists. The idea behind the series is to capture artists' performances in a room without an audience. The recordings are done in the Hague Gallery at the Creative City Centre in Regina, Saskatchewan.


Lady of the Mountaintop (Music Video)

Tyler Gilbert

Music video for "Lady of the Mountaintop". This video tells the story of a petty thief from Nevada, who flees to the Rocky Mountains to evade the law.

Rock Candy Live


ROCK CANDY at the Women's Worlds Curling championship in Swift Current, SK.

Men Without Shame

Finegold Entertainment Group

20 years of band photos etc. in 3 minutes.

The Tree Chop

Sylvia Chave

Sylvia's Concerts are full of action Rhymes that get the audience movie' and groovin'.  This is Christmas, but she does all the occasions with equal enthusiasm.  Halloween, Winter, Summer, Valentines.  Sylvia loves to put her musical shine on everything!

The Rainbow Song

Sylvia Chave

Everyone loves the Rainbow Song.  Here is Sylvia in a live performance at the Refinery in Saskatoon, SK.

The Cookie Cutter Song

Sylvia Chave

One of Sylvia's most popular tunes, with a video made by a young filmmaker, Kate Wright!  Don't forget to sing along and do the actions. :)

All Around the World

Sylvia Chave

A sweet song, illustrated with loads of people who love their babes. xoxo

Del Suelo - Darling of the Desert

Del Suelo

"Darling of the Desert" is the ninth chapter of Del Suelo's "I Am Free" released April 2016.

Shot by Rob White, July 2016, Regina SK. 


Pack Rats

Del Suelo

Chapter 2 of Del Suelo's "The Musician's Compass" Released September 2018.

Shot by Crushed Rockets In Regina SK. 

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