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The Devil

Berk Jodoin

The Devil is an emotionally driven piece co-written by producer, Stephen Kambeitz and Berk’s sister Sharmaine Jodoin. “The Devil” speaks of the ongoing battle that many people have experienced with alcoholism. The “I’ll quit tomorrow” cycle. This song gives you a glimpse into the world of the alcoholic that still suffers. Video by: Prehistoric Productions - Saskatoon, Sk.

Indian Boy

Berk Jodoin

Indian Boy tells the story of Berks grandfather and his suffering in an Indian Residential school in Canada, this is a topic that has been swept under the rug for far too long. Canada has a history that is not taught in schools. This history needs to come to light. Songs and stories like "Indian Boy" need to be heard and shared. Video made by Anaquod Videography

Matter of Wine

Katelyn Lehner

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Video by MilaMedia Thank you to Creative Saskatchewan for the partial funding of this single.




Origin of Spin

Filmed and edited by Dustin Werbeski

Track 14 from "Abstract Perception" by Origin of Spin (2020). Rest In Peace Mac Miller.

Bandcamp :

Inna Eyes


Queen City Busker

Alex Flett

Lost My Way

Factor Chandelier and Def3

Good to Me (feat. Ricardo Hatfield)


Calm You Down

Nick Faye


Jessica Kelly

Very happy to share my most recent music video which I did with Nolita Studios for my single "Anymore".

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