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Give me one reason

No Budget Films

Travel video turned onto unofficial music video


No Budget Films

Travel video turned into unofficial music video

Newfoundland - Lenny Gazebo

No Budget Films

3 day shoot in LA and 1 day edit. Unofficial music video I traded use of music for drone shots for bird and key films.

Sometimes - K Niggz & Bucket Boy

No Budget Films

Shot and edited in 3 days first official music video I directed and is currently in 8 film festivals


Beau Nectar

'Buds' celebrates the intimacy and playfulness of women’s friendships with this energetic pop indie-electro single. Beau Nectar sings in a unique bilingual French which reflects how the two artists speak in an informal context, as francophones living outside of Québec. The song encourages any 'budding' friendships to be foolish and bite into that platonic love.
This song was recorded at Breakglass Studio and produced by Jace Lasek.

Some Hope

Lyssa & the Try-Tones

Lyssa and the Try-Tones // Some Home

Produced by Erik Mehlsen

Video by Quentin Friesen

Audio by Justin Bender

Filmed on Treaty 4 Territory

Like You're Looking At Me

Ellen Froese

Directed by Laura-Lynn Petrick




Cupid's Heart

Latest single & music video from this Regina rock duo! As the band states:
"'Safe' came about during the beginning of a new relationship. There was that urge and desire to say "I love you", but also an unreadiness to do so. 'Safe' is a song that celebrates the other's ability to make us feel safe and comfortable to be ourselves, and the freedom of expression and growth that comes through that loving process."

Don't Worry - Version 1

Aurora Bella

Ask Me A Question

Alex Flett

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