Sask Jazz Festival Seeking Stage Manager

Sask Jazz Festival Seeking Stage Manager

by SaskMusic

January 16, 2024 in Industry News

Saskatchewan Jazz Festival Inc. (SJF) is seeking to fill a seasonal contract Stage Manager. Reporting to the Executive Director The Stage Manager plays a crucial role in the successful execution of live performances during the SaskTel Saskatchewan Jazz Festival. This position involves overseeing all aspects of the stage, ensuring smooth transitions between acts, and coordinating with various stakeholders to deliver a high-quality entertainment experience.

The candidate: SJF is looking for an individual who can help streamline festival operations in a manner that ensures inclusivity, prioritizes efficiency and high-quality performances, and fosters community ownership and impact.

To apply, email your application to the Executive Director at before March 30, 2024.

For more information, visit the SaskJazz website.