1st Wave of Artists Announced for the 2023 Regina Folk Festival

1st Wave of Artists Announced for the 2023 Regina Folk Festival

The 52nd Regina Folk Festival is on Aug 11-13, 2023!

by Regina Folk Festival

March 17, 2023 in Buzz

The 1st line up announcement for the 2023 Regina Folk Festival is here! 
The summer air will soon be infused with sea-salty folk rock, hip-hop awesomeness, soaring voices, rock psychedelia, gentle acoustic guitar and lots more! The 52nd Regina Folk Festival is on Aug 11-13, 2023! 
Web of Life: music and community in harmony with the Earth 

The 1st round of performers for the 52nd RFF <3 
Alan Doyle * Allison Russell * The Halluci Nation * The Strumbellas
Abigail Lapell * Chad Van Gaalen * Kinnie Starr * Logan Staats *  
Polky * Shad * Socalled * TEKE::TEKE * The Weather Station 
Guest Curator: Music Declares Emergency 

Many more artists, partners and plans to be announced as part of our full line-up announcement on May 4th! For details and tickets visit reginafolkfestival.com. 

“This year we celebrate our interdependence with the natural world (a web of life!) and some of the musicians and groups working toward environmental sustainability. While being the biggest party of the year, the Regina Folk Festival also pays attention to emerging dialogues in the community, including the climate emergency. The Regina Folk Festival is also pleased to announce that we are starting to build our own climate action plan to ensure we also contribute towards a carbon neutral future.” - Amber Goodwyn, Artistic Director 

Music Declares Emergency (MDE) is a group of artists, music industry professionals, organizations and music fans that stand together to declare a climate and ecological emergency. We believe in the power of music to promote the cultural change needed to create a better future.  
MDE’s RFF curatorial selections include
Abigail Lapell, Kinnie Starr, Logan Staats, Shad, and The Weather Station. 

More details & to buy tickets: https://reginafolkfestival.com/