Indigenous Cloud Seeks Support

by Indigenous Cloud

July 15, 2021 in Industry News

A new streaming platform called Indigenous Cloud is being conceived to digitally preserve, present and prioritize music from Indigenous artists including Ernest Monias, Blackstone, Nakoa Heavyrunner, Wanita Bird, Whitehawk and Crowe and more, as well as to release new Indigenous content.

Founder George Parker is a music producer and label owner whose music career spans over three decades, during which he has produced over 150 Indigenous music albums in many different genres. Through the success of his record label and publishing company, Parker has supported and accumulated a large catalogue of Indigenous People's music.

A preliminary version of Indigenous Cloud currently exists at Plans are underway for an upgraded and redesigned version of the platform, and an urgent Kickstarter campaign is seeking support for this important work - closing July 21/21. “Ultimately, we want to build a new version of our streaming music platform; one formed initially on a solid foundation so that regardless of what happens to us, this native music can be modernly preserved and protected for generations,” states the Kickstarter page.

Indigenous Cloud will include Pow Wow, Peyote (Native American Church), Hand Drum, Country/Rock, Fiddle, Gospel, Flute, Traditional, Children's Music, Christmas Music, Indigenous Music Videos and beyond. Visit the website to learn more and support the project,

About George Parker

George Parker has had a massive influence in the audio visual and production industry from 1990 to present. His education at Saskatchewan Polytechnic (SIAST) laid his foundation for his career as an AV Technician at the Saskatchewan Indian Cultural Centre. There he worked on video productions, sound and live video broadcasting. In 1996 George co-founded Turtle Island Music ( and began producing CD and DVD productions. He worked on over 80 projects and then moved onto building his own production and distribution firm. With his new company he has produced over 150 albums. Through this, his goal is to build, promote and distribute Indigenous music, video and cultural events by the means of digital downloads and membership-based streaming. His vision now is to offer Indigenous American artists, musicians, craftspeople and performers a way to showcase their talent and productions while simultaneously educating others and preserving culture, languages and traditions via Indigenous Cloud Inc.