New Video and Single 'Samsara' by Parab Poet

New Video and Single 'Samsara' by Parab Poet

Saskatoon emcee & beat-maker with his latest sing for Leap Day

by Parab Poet

February 29, 2020 in Artist News

Newest Single & Video by Parab Poet titled 'Samsara' makes its debut to the world on Leap Year Day, Saturday February 29, 2020. This song is rare and unique like a Leap Day, so it was only fitting to have the two align. Samsara was performed and captured in its entirety as a 'freestyle.' Parab later went on to record it and shoot the music video. With videography from Saskatoon's own Dilly Bat Productions and Vancouver based Achee TV, they helped Parab capture and reenact the day Samsara was birthed. With production from Kwest (Poetic Pilgrims) Parab happened upon this beat on an old beat machine. It was discovered only a few hours before the upsetting experience which led to the freestyle ventilation and creation of this gem. A Must See Video and Song that may only occur every four years or so... we recommend you enter into Samsara by Parab Poet. 

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