Dara Schindelka Releases New Single & Music Video, 'Thou Art Loosed'

Singer/songwriter from La Ronge, has released her female anthem

by Dara Schindelka

March 1, 2020 in Artist News

In honour of International Women's Day this March, Dara Schindelka, a singer/songwriter from La Ronge, SK has released a video her female anthem, 'Thou Art Loosed'.

This video was written, produced, performed, recorded, mixed and filmed entirely in the Lac La Ronge area. There was a powerful group of women across the north that gathered to sing with her on this project and the result was impacting. Women in the medical field, in education, in the private sector, in politics, homemakers, artists and students all came together to make this video.

Videaste Productions produced the video and Pine Trail Recording Studio recorded the music both from La Ronge as well. 

Dara Schindelka will be one of the performers at the Prince Albert jam sessions on March 7th for International Women's Day.

To view her video, 'Thou Art Loosed', go to: https://youtu.be/DvVnw8pjd6w

More music & info at: www.daraschindelka.com