The Strange Valentines to release fifth full CD on Valentines Day

The Strange Valentines to release fifth full CD on Valentines Day

by The Strange Valentines

January 10, 2018 in Artist News

The ‘Society of Good Intentions’ is the fifth album for The Strange Valentines and the second since moving to Saskatchewan. Album sounds have been a journey from more electric rock sounds to more acoustic folk in this latest effort lending an honesty and rawness via acoustic guitar and mandolin.

Two lead voices; David Farrell with warm, engaging tones, or the sweet haunting passion of Janet Mills tell stories in songs of personal struggle, nostalgia, and what might have been, with rich blended harmonies and some quirky twists. Ranging from the depths of ‘Bad Day’, the despair of ‘Valentine Vampire’ to the triumph of ‘Tortoise’ or being lost in ‘The Rural Abyss’, songs have an element of intimacy, inviting a feeling of sharing one’s soul over toast and tea.

‘Society of Good Intentions’ was recorded, produced and mastered in Feral Studios, Regina Saskatchewan by David Farrell. Full release will be available for preorder on iTunes January 18, full release February 14, 2018.

An intimate release party is happening at Sawchyn Guitars featuring the Stillhouse Poets on Valentines Day (February 14, 2018). Tickets will be available for purchase at Sawchyn Guitars (306-522-6348) and include a CD and/or digital download.