Bob D'Eith Publishes Second Music Business Book

by SaskMusic

May 13, 2016 in Industry News

Following up on his successful book “A Career in Music: the other 12 step program” (now mandatory reading at a number of Canadian colleges), Bob D’Eith has penned a follow-up book entitled, “A Career in Music: building your inner circle”. While the first book deals primarily with helping independent artists to help themselves in building music careers, the second book advises artists on securing and maintaining their team of managers, agents, labels, publishers, producers and others professionals.  

“A Career in Music: building your inner circle” answers the questions: How do I get a manager, a booking agent, a record label, a publisher, a producer and other important people and companies to help my career? What do these business relationships look like? What do deals with these different players in the music business look like?  

“More than ever, artists are having to develop themselves in order to get ahead in the new music business, but as they grow, they cannot do it all themselves. Building an effective inner circle of industry professionals is essential in any recoding artists growth in the industry,” says Bob D’Eith about the need for this new book. 

In the Foreword to the book by Alan Cross, broadcaster and blogger, Alan echoes Bob’s thoughts, “it’s essential that artists surround themselves with the right people. Assembling a strong inner circle of trusted helpers, advisors and associates allows you to focus on the music while they take care of the business end of things.”

Now available as an eBook on Kindle and Kobo and as a printed book through Adagio Music and Music Books Plus.!books/cnec

About Bob D’Eith

Bob D’Eith has been involved in the music industry for twenty-five years in various capacities: entertainment lawyer (D’Eith & Company), two time JUNO Award nominated recording artist (Rymes with Orange and Mythos), studio owner, label and publisher (Adagio Media).

For eleven years (2001-2015), Bob was the executive director of the Music BC Industry Association (Music BC), a non-profit society dedicated to the development of music and the music industry in BC. Music BC administered the award winning Peak Performance Project and is also the FACTOR affiliated office for BC.

Bob was on the board and executive of the CIMA (Canadian Independent Music Association). He also sat on FACTOR’s National Advisory Board for 14 years (past chair). Bob was the executive chair of the Host Committee for the Vancouver 2009 JUNO Awards. Bob was a founding director of the Canadian Council of Music Industry Associations (CCMIA) and the Western Canadian Music Alliance (WCMA and BreakOut West).