SaskMusic Investment Program Announces Funding Recipients

by SaskMusic

February 14, 2013 in SaskMusic News

SaskMusic is pleased to announce that 20 projects from a wide array of musical genres have recently been approved for funding under our Investment Program. SaskMusic is impressed with the quality and volume of applications received under the first intake of our Investment Program pilot project. A total of 64 Showcase Support, Single/Demo Sound Recording, Commercial Recording, and Marketing Initiatives applications were evaluated, with a total of $62,982.32 being allocated to approved applicants.

These approvals cover:
- Showcase Support submissions received since the launch of the program in September 2012 and up to February 12, 2013 (continual intake); and
Single/Demo Sound Recording, Commercial Sound Recording, Tour Initiatives and Marketing Support applications received for the November 15, 2012 intake.

The SaskMusic Investment Program enables artists and music industry professionals to engage in activities that will enhance their music and/or professional careers, and contribute to the overall development of the Saskatchewan music industry. This program is for artists at all stages of development, and it is the responsibility of the applicant to make a strong argument that this project is the critical next step in their career. Applications are adjudicated by an external jury of peers using a scored list of criteria, with the highest-scoring applications being recommended for funding.

- The Single/Demo Sound Recording stream assists with the production of a high-fidelity single or demo recording, which may then be released commercially, used for self-promotion, and/or to court the attention of labels/agents/producers. Projects must be completely recorded and mixed in Saskatchewan at Saskatchewan facilities and by Saskatchewan residents.
- The Commercial Sound Recording stream assists with the production of an EP or album sound recording, intended for commercial release. Only production expenses accrued in Saskatchewan at facilities and payable to companies/residents in the province are eligible.
- The Tour Support stream assists with tour expenses. The project must include a minimum of 8 confirmed dates that comprise a tour, of which 2 dates can be promotional appearances on radio/TV/etc.
- The Marketing Initiatives stream assists with marketing initiatives which may include (but are not limited to) website development, publicists, radio trackers, promotional videos, courier/postage, press kit development and production, logos/artwork/graphic design, professional photography and telephone services.
- The Showcase Support Program supports Saskatchewan artists invited to perform at professionally organized music industry showcases, designed to enhance their presence in the marketplace. Its objectives are: To provide financial support to music industry professionals to assist in travel, accommodations, and other related expenses incurred in their professional activities at organized music industry events; To encourage participation in professional music industry events outside of Saskatchewan; and To increase the professional networks and business opportunities available to Saskatchewan music industry professionals.

This program is funded by the Government of Saskatchewan - Ministry of Parks, Culture and Sport. Investment Program guidelines and forms can be found on under “Funding” or by calling 1-800-347-0676. The next application intake deadline is March 15, 2013.

Application inquiries may be directed to Derek Bachman, Program Manager, 1-800-347-0676 or (in Saskatoon) 306-975-0866; email:

announced February 12, 2013

Single/Demo Sound Recording
Chris Henderson $975.00
Gunner & Smith $1,000.00
Ryan and the Believers $725.00
September Long $1,000.00

Commercial Sound Recording
Amy Nelson $6,261.05
Carrie Catherine $6,261.05
Codie Prevost $4,227.30
Kacy and Clayton $3,403.55
Shuyler Jansen $6,261.05
Slow Down, Molasses $3,586.05

Tour Support
Foam Lake $2,500.00 Domestic Tour
Belle Plaine $2,500.00 Domestic Tour

Marketing Initiatives
Alexis Normand $5,000.00
Blake Berglund $4,805.50
The Deep Dark Woods $3,000.00
Rah Rah $5,000.00

Showcase Support
Rosie and the Riveters $697.33 - Ontario Council of Folk Festivals, Mississauga ON
Rah Rah $2,279.44 - CMJ Music Marathon, New York NY
Foam Lake $2,000.00 - CMJ Music Marathon, New York NY
Alexis Normand $1,500.00 - La Francofete en Acadie, Moncton NB

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For media inquiries regarding the Investment Program, please contact JP Ellson at SaskMusic, 1-800-347-0676 or