45 album cover


Dan Cugnet

March 2022

"45" was wrote as a way for me to mark what is hopefully the midway point of the time I've been gifted in this life. I'm releasing it on my 45th birthday as a gift to myself and reminder to live life to the fullest each and every day. The album has an outlaw country and 70's edge to it, where other songs like the single "Summer on the Souris", is a love letter to my father and the little valley and river that I grew up on in Southeast Saskatchewan. The beauty of this part of the world is captured in the changing of the seasons and the way of life that surrounds us. In that, we are always reminded of the passage of time and that we are at the mercy of Mother Nature. It is also a reminder of how important living in the present is. There is great beauty and joy in this place…but also a melancholy as time go goes by. And I suppose that is what I'm trying to capture and say in these songs as well.

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