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Stuck In Serenity

Minor Matter

A live performance of the instrumental piece, "Stuck in Serenity" featuring the clarinet, oboe and baritone ukulele among drums and bass. This piece is intended to represent the feeling one has when they are lost, yet at the same time, glad to be.

Song to A Soul

Andreea The Narrative

Music video for the "Song to a Soul" off the EP "The Narrative".

Rush Me An Ambulance

Poor Nameless Boy

Official music video for the song.

Cantando El Pajaro

Andino Suns

Published on Sep 29, 2013

Andino Suns - Cantando el Pajaro Official Music Video

Le Ruisseau

Alexis Normand

Alexis Normand's official music video "Le Ruisseau" by Andrei Feheregyhazi

She Cries Beauty Official Video

East of Eden

A haunting song created with a mix of genres; indie, folk, & pop.

The Milkman's Sons

Milkman's Sons

Promotional Video. The Milkman's Sons is a live music band playing rock n' roll that you can dance to.


Jeffery Straker

Uploaded on Dec 13, 2011

"Gone" by Jeffery Straker: music video
from the album - "under the soles of my shoes".

Little Wing/Angel Live at The BluesCan

Live Hendrix Cover.  Tim Vaughn, Lisa Jacobs and Bryce Lemky doing what they do best at Calgary's Blues Can.

The Secret

John Antoniuk / Smokekiller

John Antoniuk and Jen Lane performing

The Secret - written and arranged by John Antoniuk
from the album "Always With You".

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