Too Soon Monsoon

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Greg Torwalt
Saskatoon, SK, S7M 1R4

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Too Soon Monsoon, an alternative pop duo based out of Saskatoon, SK, formed during the final days of summer 2016. Greg Torwalt (keys and vocals) had posted a “bandmate wanted” ad online to which Nathan Henry (drums) was quick to respond. After sharing songs ideas and drum tracks, the duo decided to meet in Nathan’s garage for their first official jam. Thankfully, the first session exceeded expectations and the duo avoided becoming another example of why you should not meet strangers from the internet.   

To get an idea of Too Soon Monsoon’s sound, imagine Jack White, Justin Timberlake, Stevie Nicks and Lauryn Hill coming together as one to perform with a combination of Tommy Lee and Meg White. Greg’s unique vocal style, wide range and energetic presence behind the keyboard compliments the dynamic and effortless power of Nathan’s drumming.  

The duo released their debut EP, Little Fire, on July 7th, 2017. Lyrically, the four songs on the EP speak to feelings of anxiety, hesitation and wanting to be in control while also touching on the universal desires to seek connection, belonging and purpose. Fusing elements of rock, blues, pop and R&B to create a fresh sound, TSM spreads positivity and empowerment both with their recordings and performances. 


Too Soon Monsoon has been working closely with their producer, Adam Grant (formerly of One Bad Son), since December 2016. During a busy summer, which included two performances at Ness Creek Music Festival, the duo was able to get back into the studio to record a follow up EP with Grant. Their sophomore EP, Side Effects, will be released on October 20.  

The duo recently filmed performances for the Original 16 Brewery Sessions and the Empty Room Series which will continue to be released during the next year. The first Original 16 session for the song "Medicine" was released in August. Too Soon Monsoon embarks on their first Western Canadian tour this fall and then has their sights set on Eastern Canada with plans to record a full length album in 2018.


  • Wandering - Too Soon Monsoon's First Release

    Wandering - Too Soon Monsoon's First Release

    February 17, 2017

    Too Soon Monsoon, a new Saskatoon duo, has released their first single and video for Wandering. Wandering is a reflective song about longing for purpose, going through the motions, wanting to do something but not really knowing how to or feeling afraid to take a needed leap or risk. The track's produced by Adam Grant, bassist of One Bad Son. Adam is currently working closely with the duo and producing their first EP, “Little Fire,” which came out July 7.

    Wandering video on YouTube:

    The track is available online wherever you stream or buy your music.

    Here is a link to the song on soundcloud:

    The band is also a part of the 2017 CBC Searchlight contest, which features the video for Wandering.  Check out their submission here:


Date Event Venue
Sep 1 Pretty In Punk Fest 2018
Prince Albert Golf & Curling Club Basement
Prince Albert, SK


  • Little Fire

    Various Artists

    July 2017

    Debut EP 
    produced, mixed and engineered by The Ghost of Adam J (Adam Grant)
    mastered by Case Mastering (Trevor Case)
    1. Little Fire
    2. Balance
    3. We'll Live Forever
    4. Wandering

  • Side Effects

    Various Artists

    October 2017

    This piano/drum alternative pop duo from Saskatoon have released their second EP in “Side Effects”. Bandmates Greg and Nathan first met and began playing together in September 2016. To get an idea of their sound, imagine Jack White, Justin Timberlake, Stevie Nicks and Lauryn Hill coming together as one to perform with a combination of Tommy Lee and Meg White. Greg’s unique vocal style and energetic presence behind the keyboard complements the dynamic and effortless power of Nathan’s drumming. 2018 plans include the release of a full length album, and an Eastern Canadian tour.

    Recorded at: home studio, Saskatoon. Produced by: The Ghost of Adam J.  Released: October 20, 2017



From Side Effects


From Side Effects

Little Fire

From Little Fire


  • Wandering

    Too Soon Monsoon's track Wandering released February 17, 2017
    song produced by Adam Grant
    song written by Greg Torwalt, Nathan Henry, Adam Grant
    video filmed by Kristen Torwalt
    video edited by Greg Torwalt

  • We'll Live Forever

    The video was made with the help of Calvin & Dallas from The Recording Arts Institute of Saskatoon.

  • Balance

    Off their EP, 'Little Fire', released July 2017

  • Know Myself

    KNOW MYSELF - from Side Effects EP Filmed with students from RAIS (Recording Arts Institute of Saskatoon) -

    concept & direction: maxwell adamson -

    editing by mike clarke

    special thanks to Geordie Cowan for his performance as the third TSM member.