Your Website as a Tool

by SaskMusic

July 30, 2009 in Marketing & Promotion

Can your website get you signed? Not necessarily…but it sure couldn't hurt. Often used as a means to get info on bands they hear about elsewhere, an effective website can be another tool in getting the attention of A&R. Recently CBC Radio scoured our own SRIA website in search of new music and, as a result, many local bands are getting national airplay.
Sites with multiple artist listings are more likely to be found during a general search, and thus more artists will have the opportunity to be heard. An important note is to update your site regularly - an up to date itinerary and information show that you are a work in progress, not a stagnating act. (Our SRIA site can now be updated as often as you like…so send that stuff in!)

While not every label uses the web primarily to locate new talent, many do search the web regularly for hot new bands or to check into a particular region's artists. Some even prefer the use of Internet sites as part of your press kit, as opposed to receiving mountains of paper…and as more and more artists join the 'Net, using a site to provide both information and sound clips will become the norm.

By Lorena Kelly for SaskMusic. Originally published April 1998.

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