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by SaskMusic

July 30, 2009 in Marketing & Promotion

Know you should have a website to promote your musical career, but confused about the whole business? Here a quick cheat sheet...


Domain Name: the web address you give people (for example "www.myband.com".) A separate thing from...

Web server/space: a location to which you (or the person administering your website) upload your website including photos, sound clips, etc.

The domain name is re-directed or linked to your web server location, so that when people type in the web address, it goes and finds your web server (where stuff actually lives).

Email forwarding: Works similar to the above. You may want to give someone an email address of "me@myband.com", because it's easier to remember and looks more professional. Your actual email address - which you get from a web provider like SaskTel, Shaw, Access, Hotmail, may be long and complicated. People send email to you at me@myband.com, but you get the mail by checking your SaskTel/Shaw/Access/Hotmail account as usual.

E-Commerce Capability: Giving people/fans who visit your site the option to instantly purchase a copy of your CD or other merchandise. It's extremely costly to open your own e-commerce site (software, backend administration, bank fees, etc.), but there are now many sites and providers who offer tag-along options for e-commerce. You can go with a storefront (such as Indiepool.com), where you send shoppers to an Internet store which houses many other artists, or you can set up "virtual transactions" on your own site. (Where it looks like the e-commerce is taking place on your very own website. Really it's an illusion - the transaction is taking place at another established e-commerce site).

SRIA partners have presented the following options for our members.

1. Your own domain name: A domain name is an Internet address like "www.myband.com". This domain name can be parked (where you don't post a site, but protect the address so no one else can use it) or pointed to an existing website.

Another added benefit is professional looking email forwarding. This means that you direct your domain name email (manager@myband.com) to the email address of your choice. Members of your band can have his or her own personalized email pointed to their existing email address. (johnthebassist@yourbandname.com pointed to johnthebassist@hotmail.com)

2. Your web server space: Participating and Corporate members of SRIA get free web space and design (some restrictions apply). This includes room for photos and Real Audio. You can register a special domain name (see above) and link to your location on the SRIA server. Or, you can just go with the address we'll give you (e.g. www.saskrecording.ca/artists/myband)

3. E-Commerce Capability: SRIA members looking for an online retail system for their website are eligible to sign up for RDR Music's "SELLNET" program, free. This specifically generic system (it's meant to look like part of your own website) will give your website the ability to accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express payments. It is secured through Equifax and encrypted for safety. There are no hook up charges, one time fees, or monthly or yearly invoices. Commission is only taken if product sells. They handle the shipping at no charge to you and the online system is backed up with a toll-free number.

If you are interested, or require more details, please email joe@rdrmusic.com or call 1-800-557-3723.

By Lorena Kelly for SaskMusic. Originally published May 2003.

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