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August 5, 2009 in Finding Money

The Canada Council is funded by Canadian Heritage. Artists may request grants ranging from $3000 - $20,000 (depending on the program) for project expenses. Grants do not cover start-up or capital costs (i.e. instruments) and must be for work still to be done. Travel grants available for $500-$1000 ($1500-$2000 for certain destinations).

Approximately 1 in 6 applicants are approved. You will receive notification within 4 months after the deadline.

Some of the programs available in the Music sector:

Grants to Musicians (artistic development): Classical Music (April 1) and non-classical (May 1)
Can cover subsistence, project & transportation costs relat-ed to a program of work lasting from a few weeks to 1 year. Grants can be used to work with a teacher; compose, deve-lop repertoire, arrange or research; change career direction or for artistic renewal; attend workshops; etc. They do not cover completed projects; rehearsal, recording, promotion, production costs; capital purchases; for postgraduate studies or academic research in musicology or theory.

Travel Grants: any time before starting date
To give individual musicians an opportunity to travel on occasions important to his/her career. For example, a premiere of the musician's work; to deliver a paper; to participate in international competitions; but NOT to give a performance; to give workshops; to attend workshops, etc.

Career Development: November 15.
To be used to obtain the services of a manager/agent to meet specific goals; to develop a promotional kit; to allow classical musicians to audition for engagements.

Sound Recording Grants: Specialized (non popular) music only: October 1
Up to $20,000 (up to 60% of eligible costs) is available. This can cover studio expenses; certain artist fees; tape editing; mastering; package design including artwork; manufacturing for 1000 units; some promo costs. Demo grants are also available to a maximum of $3000 for those who have never recorded.

Tour Grants: Tours within Canada: June 15, December 15
Contributes to direct touring costs such as transportation, accommodation, per diem and promotional materials.

Intl. Performance Assistance: June 15, December 15

Festival Travel Assistance: September 15, February 15
To allow musicians to perform at festivals in regions of Canada where they have not previously performed and which are outside of their province of residence (at non-profit professional music festivals).

First Peoples Music Program: November 5
Includes support to perform at an event; research and preservation of First Peoples music; or to host a workshop.

For complete forms (be advised they are long and intricate), contact the Music Section officers at Canada Council, 1-800-263-5588 or visit .

By Lorena Kelly for SaskMusic. Originally published April 1999.

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