NWC Webinars Presents: Artist Management - How Do It Yourself (And When Not To)


  • April 29, 2021 - Showtime: 11:30am

Whether they call themselves "self-managed" or not, every artist begins this way. But once the momentum picks up, shows start getting a little bigger and more frequent, and fans, media, and industry start paying attention, how does a smart artist continue to successfully and efficiently manage their career?

What skills do they need to have, and how can they ensure they're maximizing their opportunities without losing control of things? In this webinar, experts will discuss how self-managed artists can do it well, and also when is the right time to hire a manager. And if you're going to hire your first manager, who and what should you be looking for?

Hosted by Mike Raine, Editor-In-Chief of Canadian Musician and the host of the Canadian Musician Podcast.

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