• May 31, 2024 - Doors at: 7:00pm

The year is 2024. 

Your hangovers now last a full week. 

Your wardrobe no longer consists of solely skinny jeans (R.I.P.) 

And you've realized Pete Wentz wasn't actually that good looking after all. 

Was it a really just a phase? 

No! Because any time Sugar, We're Going Down comes on you can't help but sing every word. And when you saw the lineup for When We Were Young you felt a rush you haven't felt since Warped Tour came around. 

The only problem is it's in Vegas. 

If you don’t have the funds, or are too busy to make it to the real thing, we got your back! 

Presenting: When You Were Young, Saskatoon Edition! 

We've hand-picked the biggest songs from some of our favorite pop-punk and emo bands of the early 2000's. Unlike our previous show, we won’t be doing an acoustic set, we’ll be going full band, so drink some coffee and bring the energy! 

We expect nothing less than a crowd full of people who aren't afraid to belt out the words to every song at the top of their lungs. And of course, liquid courage will be available for all those of age. 

Doors will open at 7, and the show will start at 8. 

It's all ages so the next generation of Emo's can attend, but please, no babies/toddlers (that's not the kind of screaming we’re looking for). 

For anyone who came to our previous show, we will be performing some of the same songs, as well as many new additions. 

So bust out your blackest eyeliner, warm up your voices, and join us for a night of songs you couldn't forget if you tried!    

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