OSAC - Gaslighter - Songs of the Dixie Chicks




  • September 28, 2023 - Showtime: 7:30pm

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Bridging the gap between pop and country, the Chicks are the top-selling female group of all time. From memorable sing-alongs to moving ballads and rocking country numbers, their powerful songs resonate with everyone. With the look, attitude, soaring harmonies and musical prowess, "Gaslighter - Songs of the Chicks" brings you the Ultimate Chicks Experience! Gaslighter is Juno award winner Shannon Saunders, Tracy Masson and Emily Ashcroft. Inspired by the adventurous spirit and musical artistry of Natalie, Martie and Emily and backed up by a full live band, complete with fiddle, banjo, guitars, keyboards, bass and drums, Gaslighter is the most authentic tribute to the Chicks!

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