OSAC - Prairie Debut presents Vioarneisti


  • February 15, 2023 - Showtime: 7:30pm

Imagine a concert program blending the adventurous spirit of Nordic explorers with the shimmering allure of the Northern Lights, and you’ll have an inkling of what you might hear in the collaboration of clarinet and marimba duo Catherine Wood and Victoria Sparks. The two come together as Viðarneistí (pronounced vee-thar-nest-ee). The Icelandic term for “wood spark” is an apt description for what happens when the rich, sultry tone of the clarinet meets the percussive punch of marimba. The recognition of their shared Icelandic heritage serves as a springboard for Wood and Sparks, as they delve into themes from their Nordic roots. Viðarneistí invites audiences to experience this fascinating and unusual musical combination, as these warm and personable artists innovate from a variety of styles and genres.

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