SJO: Make A Joyful Noise!


SJO: Make A Joyful Noise!


  • December 11, 2021 - Showtime: 7:00pm

Tickets available online HERE

Join the SJO and the SYJO in our annual holiday December concert featuring local favourites and special guest vocalists!

We have a lot to celebrate and be thankful for as a community. Come join the fun and bring the whole family as we give thanks a la swing, performing joyous and groove-filled holiday music!

Live Streaming:

If you are comfortable attending an SJO concert in person at the Broadway Theatre, you should purchase a ticket or tickets as your normally would here on the Broadway’s website. 

If you would rather live stream the concert at home or watch the concert on demand after it has premiered, you can do that too. You will be able to purchase access to the concert live stream directly through the SJO. The SJO is hard at work ironing out the logistics involved in delivering high quality concert live streams and video on demand to their audience, and more information on accessing live streams and VODs will be available soon. 

When more concrete live stream access and ticket purchasing information is available, the SJO will update their website and reach out via social media and their newsletter. 

Proof of Full Vaccination Required. The SJO will be asking in-person audience members to provide proof that they are fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

Please check the event info page (link below) for this concert on the SJO’s website for more information on live stream access, and for information on how to stay informed when more info becomes available.

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