"Stay Wild" Album Release


Kayleigh Skomorowksi


  • April 7, 2021

Kayleigh's newest album, “Stay Wild,” is slated for release on the day of this performance. “Stay Wild” is an earnest reflection on parenthood and releasing one’s own youth, while clinging to the experiences of our past which make us. It’s a story of the many relationships in which we learn to know ourselves.  Kayleigh finds inspiration in witnessing her children grow and learn, her connection to the young people she teaches, and the spaces in which she finds herself sorting through moments past. Recorded in Prince Albert with Joel Rohs of Trisonic Sound and mixed and mastered by Josh Palmer at The Recording House Studios in Saskatoon.

Kayleigh is thrilled to be releasing her work with her band on the stage at the EA Rawlinson Center for the Arts in Prince Albert.  “From the moment I first walked into that space in the fall of 2010 (when I first moved to Prince Albert)  I have been dreaming of sharing my music with this community on that stage. Thank you for this opportunity.”


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