Screaming at Traffic with Swayze and Yarbo


Screaming at Traffic


  • August 29, 2019

Screaming at Traffic is a punk rock band from Winnipeg, Mb, whose no frills emo-punk riffing add to the group's frenzied live performance and raw yet melodic songwriting. The band excited to be taking their debut album "I Don't Like Sports", released through Little Rocket Records (Leatherface, Daggermouth, Elder Abuse) across Canada.

"...Screaming At Traffic are set to reserve a spot on my year end best of list with the release of I Don’t Like Sports."
- Punkanormal Activity
"...this is angst-ridden, aggressive and raw punk miserabilia destined for basements and punk DIY shows. The record is gruff, heart-on-sleeve, hook-filled and anthemic..."
- Keep Track of the Time

with special guest

We used to be in bands like the Chuds, Morning Fresh, and Prom Night but now we aren't.
One time we got to drink for free at a show.

Noisy Saskatoon-based three-piece, lots of screaming. Members/former members of Alaska Twice, Knee Socks, Pure Bliss...etc.

19+//10$//9:00 PM

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