Sakred, Wasted Heretics, Uppercut Decapitation, and Saint Vicious


Uppercut Decapitation
Wasted Heretics


  • July 13, 2018 - Showtime: 8:00pm

Pre sale only $5 bucks! Tickets go on sale April 15th. Thalass Sakred and Saintvicious will have presales! HIT THEM UP!!

Sakred is powering through Saskatchewan with their new album Amen to Nothing full of powerful hooks and catchy innovative guitar licks. A 4 piece band made up of members from all over Canada. This is a band that recently was regarded as Sasktchewans Grooviest Metal band. You don't wanna miss these guys.

Wasted Heretics - These guys have been tearing the scene a new one. Tight as can be with blistering riffs and fast paced death. Wasted Heretics have come to this scene with a point to prove. Chaos shall be unleashed upon the stage when these guys come up. Don't miss this bad ass band!

Uppercut Decapitation - A Calgary powerhouse devouring the people put in front of them for years. They are coming to Regina to show the masses the power they wield. Blazing guitars and gutterals that lucifer himself fear. Do not miss this set or your soul shall become tainted.

Saintvicious - These boys are new to the scene but individually have been doing this for years in various bands in the area. Welcome Saint Vicious with their debut in Saskatoon ready to shake things up. This hard rock band is packing a serious punch! With members from Conformicide these guys are back as Saintvicious. Don't wanna miss these guys as they give a new meaning to hard damn rock!


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