Sakred, Thalass, Uppercut Decapitation + Chronobot


  • July 14, 2018 - Showtime: 8:00pm

Saturday the 14th of July. Regina will be invaded by Sakred - Thalass - Uppercut Decapitation & Chronobot.

Sakred is powering through Saskatchewan with their new album Amen to Nothing full of powerful hooks and catchy innovative guitar licks. A 4 piece band made up of members from all over Canada. This is a band that recently was regarded as Sasktchewans Grooviest Metal band. You don't wanna miss these guys.

Thalass - The Bridge City Doom Crew is coming through Regina to destroy anything that walks in their path. Known for dark and soul ripping riffs these boys make people tremble in fear as they walk the earth they rule. Thalass is a force you don't want to miss. Your gut will be turned.

Uppercut Decapitation - A Calgary powerhouse devouring the people put in front of them for years. They are coming to Regina to show the masses the power they wield. Blazing guitars and gutterals that lucifer himself fear. Do not miss this set or your soul shall become tainted.

Chronobot - These guys know how to party. The true definition of having fun on stage starts with Chronobot. The Chronobot is a 40-ft tall, dope-smoking, time-travelling robot from beyond this universe. This band pays tribute to this cosmic entity, binding fuzz, riff, and reefer to create our own brand of spaced-out doom.


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