Guitar Theory Workshop & Jam


  • April 8, 2018 - Showtime: 2:00pm

Facilitated by Erik Mehlsen (a.k.a. Del Suelo)
2:00pm – 4:00 pm
By donation ($10 suggested)*

Are you a guitarist who has been playing for a while, but doesn’t know anything about theory or improvisation? Or maybe you have some theory up your sleeve but are in need of some guitarists to practice with? Maybe you like the company of cool people enjoying some music on a relaxed Sunday afternoon.

At the Sunday guitar hangout, musician and author Erik Mehlsen(aka Del Suelo) will cover some basic music theory and explain how it applies to creativity on the guitar. Following this 30 minute lesson, guitarists will be encouraged to stick around and jam with each other, trading tips and insights on what they’ve just learned. The intention of the workshop is to build a community of guitarists and provide a space for those wishing to improve their craft. While this is a monthly event, there is no pre-requisite required – first timers are welcome to drop in anytime.

Things to bring:
– your acoustic guitar 
– something to write with & something to write on (optional)

*Your donations will go to paying the workshop & jam facilitator for his time as well as the venue fees.

*30 minutes lesson – building on what was covered previous sessions
*30 minutes ‘partner’ jam – we pair off into groups and make use of the theory in a real jam
*30 minutes ‘review’ of what we’ve learned and have a group jam
*30 minutes are dedicated to free time where people can continue to jam, ask questions, and socialize.

**Workshops will take on this approximate format, but each event is different.

Anyone is welcome to attend, but the event will be tailored to guitarists who have at least some basic playing experience.

For more information on the facilitator, Erik Mehlsen, go to: or

**Please be advised this workshop will be held on the 3rd floor, up 2 flights of stairs. Unfortunately, we do not have an elevator or chair lift.**



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