Dr. Booty Quiver & BOOMlag


  • March 11, 2018 - Showtime: 8:30pm


The Yard & Flagon Pub

718 Broadway Avenue, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada

  • Door Cost: $5.00

Doctor Booty Quiver is about 3 years young. They play everybody's favourite genre of music: Comedy-Folk-Rock-Fusion music! They cover a wide array of topics in their music. From Pandas to Pasta or from booty sweatin' to boogieing down, they talk about all of it.

BOOMlag started out with Dylan Ferguson and Anthony Orr in the small village of Meacham Saskatchewan. After hashing out a few songs Dylan's brother Gabe joined as a bass guitar player. A few years later Dylan and Gabe moved to Saskatoon, followed shortly after by Anthony and with the addition of Aaron Seaman on rhythm guitar the group is ready to blow you away with their classic rock/punk sound!


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