Silent Music

Categories: Solo Artists

Genres: Electronic, Urban


Graham Wall
Saskatoon, SK

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Silent Music is an electronic music project based in Saskatoon, SK. Graham Wall, the mind behind the project, has been releasing material under various names since 2008. Many ingredients have played a role in making his creative recipes: ACID, Pro Tools, various keyboards, an Alesis drum machine, and most recently, Ableton Live. Silent Music hopes to give creative and experimental electronic music a voice, demonstrating its potential to be thoughtful, imaginative, and underground.


  • Silent Music Releases New Album

    Silent Music Releases New Album

    March 3, 2024

    Saskatoon-based electronic artist Silent Music has a new album. Released on February 2, 2024, Taciturn Headphonetics features 14 tracks of experimental music. Mixing elements of ambient, breakbeat, chillout, hip-hop, leftfield electronica, and trip-hop, there is much here to potentially interest open-minded listeners.

    Taciturn Headphonetics is available now on BeatsUnion and Bandcamp.